18 Thoughts Every Freshman Has

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Alright, time to face facts: we’re freshmen again. It means a new school, new people, and a new campus to learn. But we’ll get through it. . .eventually. In the meantime, let’s review some thoughts from these past few weeks.

1.“Okay, where’s my STATs class again?”

No worries, we have no idea where we’re going either.

  1. “So if I have eight meals a week I can do dinner every night and I can lunch on Thursday…but wait, Maria wanted to have lunch with me on Tuesday.”

Just eat all your pop-tarts and cheez-its and call it a day.

  1. “What is with all these golf carts?!”

Seriously, they’re everywhere.


Slow down. Don’t go crazy. It’ll just make your meal plan and your wallet run out the first week.

  1. “8 a.m. classes won’t be too bad! High school started at 7!”

No. It’s just as bad. Don’t kid yourself. You’re still gonna hit snooze every morning.

  1. “I miss my parents but I don’t want to seem like a baby.…”

We all miss them. And that’s okay.

  1. “Yes! Time to party every night!”

Once again, slow down. A little partying isn’t bad, but everything in moderation. Don’t party all night and fail your way out.

  1. “Ugh, does this mean I have to go to church every Sunday?”

No. Despite all the priests on campus, everyone is accepted here.

  1. “I don’t know anyone in any of my classes. Guess I’ll eat alone every night.”

Being in college is about new experiences and new friends. No matter what kind of person you are, you’ll definitely find someone you click with.

  1. “I wanna do every single club this school has to offer! Psych club, drama club, tennis club, EVERYTHING!”

Say it with me this time: slow down. Find your niche. Find something you’ll absolutely love. Try some new things but do what you want in the end.

  1. “I have a paper due at the end of the first week?!”

Yup, this is college. It’s time to start cracking down. But hey, it’ll prepare you for real life.

  1. “I hope my teachers are really laid back and don’t care.”

No. You WANT your teachers to be on you all the time. Those are the teachers that want you to succeed. Those are the ones that will make you great.

  1. “I know exactly what I want to be when I grow up! I’ll never have to think about it again!”

One more time: slow down. You never know, and that’s okay! All in good time.

  1. “Oh no, I’ll be poor by next week! That’s what happened to all my friends!”

No, all your friends blew their money on hot pockets and cheese doodles. You just gotta be smart with it.

  1. “Wait, people actually use the library?”

Crazy right? But the library is actually a great place to find a quiet place to study and get your work done.

  1. “I was top ten in my high school! College will be so easy!”

Nope. It’s a whole different ball game. You’ll pick up on some things fast and others not so fast. Just make sure you always try.

  1. “Yeah, finally! No dress code!”

That one is pretty great.

  1. “College is going to be great!”

And you sure are right about that.