19 Tips For Surviving College

1.) Don’t wear your lanyard around your neck. It’s a clear sign you’re a freshman — and it looks awkward.

2.) Take a picture of your schedule and use that to see where your classes are. Printing out your schedule is another clear sign you’re a freshman.

3.) Scout your classes before the first day; that way you don’t look like a lost puppy hurrying up and down the hallways. On the other hand, that could also work in your favor because a cute upperclassman just might help you find your way.

4.) Don’t sit in the back of your classes. The first three rows are best, five if it’s a “lecture hall”. Some teachers [take note if you have Dr. Ann Ryan] associate the back with laziness; so don’t sit there if you want to make a good first impression.

5.) Don’t bring your books to class on the first day of classes. The first day is usually dedicated to going over the syllabus. If you bring them you look a little too eager, like a try-hard.

6.) Get close to your teachers. They’re actually pretty cool people once you get to know them, and they’ll make sure you thrive at Le Moyne. Always keep in the back of your mind that you might need a recommendation letter down the road.

7.) Get as many internships as you can. Not only do they help you realize what you do and what you don’t want to do, but they also boost your resume a significant amount. Who knows, one might result in a job offer.

8.) The last stall in every bathroom is known/used as the pooping stall. So if you don’t have to go #2, stay clear.

9.) Wear shower shoes at ALL times. Disgusting things build up on those shower floors . . . and it’s not just hair and soap. While you may see the cleaning crew in the dorms almost everyday, their variation of cleaning the showers is throwing a bucket of water on the tiles.

10.) Get used to seeing the opposite sex walking around your floor. They will be around a lot, and they will catch you at your worst: when you’re walking to your room from the shower half naked, when you go to the bathroom to wash the sleep off your face, etc.

11.) Upperclassmen — not all but a lot — have this tendency to view freshmen as fresh meat, so be a little weary of the attention you receive for the first couple of months. If you’re looking for a relationship wait at least three months to see if they are still around. But if you’re looking for a good time, soak in all the attention while you can because the hype will die down.

12.) Make friends with your RA’s. It’ll make it harder for them to punish you if/when you get caught for doing something bad.

13.) Have at least two friend groups: one with your roommate and one without. After being in each other’s space so often you will undoubtedly have moments where you want to kill each other. And when those moments happen, you’ll be glad you have other friends — and dorm rooms — you can escape to.

14.) Limit the amount of diner food (burgers, fries, potatoes, fried chicken, etc.) that you allow yourself to eat, even if that’s the only decent thing to eat in the café. The freshman fifteen is real! So is the freshman 1-50. It’s college; you’re constantly surrounded by junk food and booze, so you will inevitably gain weight. But the good news is the gym is only a walk down the hill.

15.) If you’re on a sports team, try to schedule only four classes during your season. You can afford to do this by taking a J-Mester or a MayMester. You’ll quickly discover that playing sports in college isn’t like high school: you often wake up before the sun, have practice in between your classes, and you’ll go through most days half asleep. When season comes, you’ll be thankful you have a little more free time in your schedule — even if it’s only for 50 minutes.

16.) Explore your interests as much as you can, while you can. If you’ve always wanted to try acting, audition for a show; if you’re into science, join the chemistry or biology club; if you like to write, join The Dolphin staff (I’ve heard they’re pretty awesome). As time goes on your interests will change and develop, and the world after college won’t always give you the time to investigate them.

17.) Get off campus and go out. Whether that means going to a party at SU or going downtown. School can become very stressful, and sometimes going out is the best way to relax and forget for a while.

18.) Don’t get your hopes up about what your college experience is going to be. It’s not like the movies, something great isn’t happening every five seconds — this is not Pitch Perfect. Maybe it’ll be different from high school, maybe it won’t. Maybe it’ll be awesome, maybe it won’t be.

19.) Try to enjoy every moment of college as much as you can — even the moments you think you’ll want to forget. You won’t get to experience it again, and four years goes by way too quickly.