Farewell Letter

By Matthew Clark '16, Editor-in-Chief

It’s been quite a year on the Heights, and it’s very bittersweet to see the spring semester sun set over the horizon of graduation. I would like to think that we have accomplished many great things on this campus and in our newsroom this year. While admittedly there were some things we certainly could have done and handled better, all in all, I think this was a solid campaign for The Dolphin.

There are some folks who I would like to thank in passing for making everything that happened this year possible. Our section editors first and foremost, deserve all the credit in the world for getting the most out of their writers each and every week while consistently producing phenomenal material of their own. My hat goes off to Amari Pollard, Molly McGuane, Abbey Adams, Mike Lutz, Melissa Schmitz and Matt Stallknecht. Each and every one of these talented men and women are destined for great success after they leave Le Moyne. Who knows, you might even find them writing for The Onion one day.

While our editors and writers produce prime content, it is our extraordinary production team who lay it all out every Tuesday and make it look visually striking. Alex Altland is a maestro. That is the only way I can describe him. The majority of our headers on the front page come from him, and holy cow do they look great every issue. I think you all would agree. Our gang of Sarah Liberati, Abbey Adams, Abby Haessig, Rachel Chea and Ben Davis were tremendous all year. I can’t even begin to elaborate on how many miracles these people made happen week after week, mostly because I’m about the 1500th-best person on this campus with InDesign. The paper you hold in your hands was delicately laid out and organized by them, looks pretty darn nice, right?

The job of faculty moderator is a time-consuming one, and we were fortunate to have Professor Glenn Coin in our corner this year. It’s a blessing to have someone as busy as Professor Coin be there whenever we had a question or a new debate that we were trying to figure out how to cover. When the water gets choppy, it is imperative to have a calm hand at the wheel, and that is exactly what Professor Coin did for us.

I will miss sitting in this office [and denying Kerrigan swipe access] and doing my best to put together a solid issue for this college week in and week out, but more than that, I will miss the people I was fortunate enough to spend the last eight months with, this talented staff. It’s not every day that you can be challenged and rewarded simultaneously by the group around you, and that’s exactly what they did.

And one more thing, if you write a letter to the editor and question as to why it was not published, it is probably because you asked for that editor’s resignation.