#DolphinsLiveWell: For the Senior: Let’s get INTO THE SEA!

By Justin Snell '15, Undergraduate Intern, The Wellness Center for Health & Counseling

College has been one heck of a journey! We have gained and lost so much of what has become forever a part of us. Since day one, we all looked around searching for those very things that would help shape our future: the right classes, supportive friends, joining groups for our own interest and resumes, and searching for the right people in particular positions to network with. For some, these things came very easy and have already begun to cement their next step after graduation. Many students have begun to make plans for graduate schools and some have obtained cooperate job offers right after school. And there you are… feeling stuck, anxious, confused, lost, depressed, and as if you wasted all of your time here at Le Moyne.

However, it is not all your fault.

What we think we are expected to do is sometimes overbearing and because of some forces in the universe, we fall short of them. This may be the reason for the emotional rollercoaster you have been riding for the last four years. What I have realized has happened (more so something that I have dealt with as well) is that there is a large amount of information that touches base with history, philosophy and religion. Although these may be beneficial to our intellect; how, will these ultimately cater to our transition into complete adulthood? Finances, physical, and mental health are some of the biggest concerns students like you and I face.  Some students have found it extremely hard to get through college, so for them, here may be their last investment into education and there is nothing wrong with that.

Those who have decided to continue their education will soon face the same issues.  The reason why many people have a negative connotation about the obligations that later come with college is because they do not have a complete grasp of it. FAFSA does lay it out for you online, but do you know for sure how your money is being moved? Are you able to create your own payment plan and stick to it? Do you how to do YOUR taxes?  Do you know what age is considered independent? Do you know how to network sufficiently? How to set up your resume? How to search for jobs, grad schools, or internships?

If you have said “No” or “ What the hell?” to any of these, don’t feel left out. Hundreds of other people on this very campus don’t know either.  I’m not supporting the idea that Le Moyne is facilitating the wrong information, I am supporting the idea that the solicited information isn’t exactly beneficial for a young adult’s transition out of college. Yes, the majority of wanting to learn these things need to be on the individuals, but I do feel that the Le Moyne senior class needs a bit more help in solidifying their knowledge of the important technical concerns that will be exercised for the rest of our lifetime. Yes, Le Moyne does orchestrate workshops, resume sessions, and career fairs, but how well are we individually invested in them? We sometimes can’t make it or just find it not beneficial because information is extremely general. There sometimes just isn’t a follow up and this is exactly what is needed.

So for those of you reading this, I will be facilitating a senior group where individuals will bring in as much information as they can about schools that they have found interesting, job opportunities, networking bridges and names that will help not just you but your peers. This group will utilize the strength of an hour, computers, phones, and their peers in helping establish a proper goal for after college.  Who knows, you might even make a life long friend and become a part of the 1 percent. So lets put away our pride, fear, and confusion and share our interests, integrity, knowledge, and skills. Let’s make a complete circle of help for each other.

Look out for INTO THE SEA posters  hanging all over. Seniors, we all need one another’s help.