Through My Spectacles: Don’t you just love Valentine’s Day?


By: Amari D. Pollard '17, NEWS & FEATURES EDITOR

What is the point of Valentine’s Day, really? I’ve been trying to figure this out since elementary school when I was forced to hand out cards and lollipops to kids that I couldn’t stand. It was like: Happy Valentine’s Day Kristy, thanks for always eating my Gushers when I’m not looking. And as I got older my understanding of the “holiday” never got any better.

It is said that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in honor of St. Valentine, as a day for people to exchange tokens of affection. However, there is an even greater possibility that this special day is just a corporate conspiracy generated by flower shops, lingerie retailers and candy stores wrapped in pink and red, all to get money in their pockets.

So as a result society is forced to watch incessant Valentine’s Day commercials convincing the average American man he needs to buy his significant other that Vera Wang ring from Zales, or that the average American woman needs to buy her bae those Calvin Klein boxers.

The great emphasis on showing one’s love through materialistic products is really what falsifies the day altogether. How can it truly be about exemplifying one’s love when everyone is too focused on how many flowers there should be or how expensive the dinner should be?

The fact that there is a specific day designated to express one’s love is just a little ridiculous. You should show your love for people every day regardless, and not just through “grand gestures” but by doing the small things. I, personally, would be more touched if my bae [if I had one] decided to cook me a nice dinner on a random day just because he wanted to. Or sat with me through Crazy, Stupid, Love without complaining because he knew it was my favorite romantic comedy, even though he hates those kinds of movies. [However, I would still gladly accept the fancy dinner and tennis bracelet.]

Maybe I’m just a tad pessimistic about the whole thing because the only valentines I’ve had throughout the years have consisted of my parents, sister and best friends. And while there is nothing to complain about when receiving chocolate covered strawberries from my parents, let’s just say they’re not my ideal valentine. So, while my friends were receiving edible arrangements from secret admirers and couples were posting their dates on Instagram, it felt as though Valentine’s Day was just a reminder of how completely single and alone I was. [Not that I cared that much because I was/am a proud and independent woman who doesn’t need a man to make me feel good.]

While the cynic in me firmly believes Valentine’s Day is completely stupid, the hopeless romantic in me adores the day and the concept because she loves the idea of love. Of having someone to share those small sweet moments with, to hold with and go to those stupid Valentine’s Day themed dinners.

So enjoy Valentine’s Day and allow yourself to be all mushy gushy, just don’t let the pink and red distract you behind what the day should really represent—love.