Changes to Noreen

Michael Lutz '16, Asst. Opinion Editor

Recently in an effort to increase security on campus our beloved Noreen has installed a card entry policy. There is now a card swipe installed directly to the right of the front doors when entering the library. The card swipe will not be necessary during certain hours of the day but it will be necessary for students, faculty and staff to swipe their cards to gain access to the library on Monday – Thursday from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am, Friday from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm, Saturday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm  and Sunday from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am. However people without their cards may still gain access to the library during these times by calling the library and signing in. I love the library, it is a great place to study or even grab a quick nap if needed. However this new card entry system really grinds my gears for some reason.

In my opinion this new policy is a waste of time and resources, serving only to impair the ability members of the Le Moyne community to utilize the library. As a commuter student I typically do not carry my Le Moyne ID card with me, it is effectively useless to me. It doesn’t allow me to access the dorms or academic buildings after hours any way. Additionally I don’t have a meal plan or munch money so I don’t use my ID for meals. On the rare occasions when I do need to check a book out of the library I dig my ID out of wherever I have tossed it. I utilize the library at all times, sometimes camping out there until midnight or later and leave for a coffee run to Dunkin’ Donuts. Upon my return being required to have my ID handy to get back into the library is an insult to me. Perhaps I am being too sensitive but I cannot help feeling slighted when I forget my ID card and have to sign in to the library.

I know, dear reader, that you are probably saying to yourself “Well doesn’t this new card swipe make the library safer?” But here is the kicker, you don’t even need your ID card to gain access to the library at these times. This completely defeats the purpose of the card swipe. Anyone who does not have an ID card and has determination can either call the library and be let in or simply wait outside for someone to leave to gain access to the library. Sure when you sign into the library without your ID you are supposed to give them your card or student ID number, but what if I don’t remember it? I am sure that even without your ID number you will still be granted access. Besides who are we really trying to keep out of the library during these late hours? Random drunks who decide to stumble onto a college campus? Isn’t that campus security’s job anyway? If someone had real determination to enter the library at these late hours and do nefarious things then they would have no problem doing so. The card swipe is a half measure, something that will not provide any real protection in the event of an emergency situation. I believe it was something installed in an attempt to provide peace of mind to the community and to please those in higher positions. I believe the new card entry system at the library is an ineffective, inconsequential inconvenience.