Keeping the balance

Justin Snell '15, Psychology Intern at the Wellness Center for Health and Counseling

What is Balance? The ideology behind balance is one that can easily be explained, but difficult to achieve. Many of us lead very active lives that toss and turn our intentions. A great example of this would be our diet; many of us would and should find something healthy to eat and so an apple would be a great choice, but where can we find this inconvenient apple in a field of convenient brownies and chips? Many of us would agree that being in balance is harder than we think.  Balance is about being aware of our mind, body, and spirit. Building an alliance with the body and soul can help you better learn your body’s “ticks and tocks.”  Our bodies send us signals about its wellness daily and it’s up to the individual to listen and take action. Our brain and body encounter so much [conversations, retrieving information, and encountering physical situations] that we are at risk for becoming numb to the rush of society, and therefore how the constant bombardment can affect us.  Understanding how we should treat our body will pay off in the long-run.

The Issues of Not Being Balanced? A lot of the things that we do [class, work, study, caretaking, even socializing] takes a lot out of us. Keeping a balanced “being”,  for lack of a better term, includes: proper dieting [ adjustable to weight] , exercise[ at least one hour], proper scheduling, sleep[ at least 8hrs.] , productive thinking[ at least 7 hours], necessities [money, shelter, health inquiries] and emotional wellness. It’s not hard to believe that once one of these factors is NOT managed properly, everything else begins to fall. Where you are is an important factor when it comes to wellness. We are taught daily… whether we like it or not!  So, some things will become more or less appealing. And as a result, mimicking can become relevant. Knowing when to eliminate yourself from negative situations is a good strategy when it comes to a maintained balanced lifestyle. Making the right decisions is hard, especially in a fast pace world like ours. Being in a college setting is a place where peer-pressure is very common. Some students find themselves doing excessive drinking or smoking and this was nothing that was done before. Being in the “heat of the moment” is something that knocks on the door of balance uninvited. Small little actions can veer you off the track of maintaining balance.

How to Stay Balanced? Staying balanced is not as hard as reaching it. Having your mind, body and spirit in sync will create  a mighty temple that can accomplish an array of things physically, mentally and emotionally. Doing good things tend to latch on and become repetitive. So repeating steps for a healthy lifestyle isn’t bad at all. Knowing what you should do and how to do it is essential for a long happy life. No one can create balance within you because only you know you the best. And YOU ARE NOT ALONE if you’re a little confused as well about how to become more balanced. That’s the joy of finding balance, you get to better refine and define yourself. Get to know the Le Moyne College Wellness Center… we can point you in the right direction for taking steps towards all types of goals that deal with keeping the mind, body and spirit balanced. Find the balance in you…”ooommm”…