My first Dolphy Day not living up to the hype

Amari D. Pollard '17, News and Features Editor

For weeks, all anyone could talk about was Dolphy Day, Dolphy Day, Dolphy Day. I literally had people in my room for hours, sitting on the floor staring at their Twitters as if that would answer all of their questions. When is it going to happen? Who is the wizard? What will the day be like?

I had an answer for them: how about stop guessing and wait until the actual day happens? Maybe then I would be able to sleep in peace without worrying about someone walking into my bedroom every five seconds.

By the time Dolphy Day actually rolled around, I was already over the whole thing. I’m pretty sure my friends thought I was the shark who ate Dolphy Day.

Maybe it was the lack of alcohol flowing through my system [loyal to the women’s lacrosse 48-hour rule] or the fact that I didn’t participate in most of the day’s activities [I had lacrosse practice and was also the nerd who went to class], but I was rather disappointed by the whole thing. It was kind of a let down. Yeah, there were fireworks and people standing on roofs screaming, but where was the real excitement?

I’m sorry, maybe I’m a party pooper, or just odd, but designating a day to pure drinking doesn’t sound that thrilling to me. Like my history professor said, “Since when do students need a specific reason or date to skip class and get drunk?” I understand that Dolphy Day is the one time when you’re allowed to drink on campus out in the open, but that seemed like that was all there was to it.

Drink, bounce in a bouncy house, get a caricature or henna tattoo, eat generic food, and listen to mediocre bands. It was like every other [lame] event at Le Moyne. It just seemed all so…not as great as I suspected. For months all people did was hype up Dolphy Day, even my mother couldn’t stop telling me about her Dolphy Days at Le Moyne. I don’t know exactly what I expected, but I think I expected more.

I’m sure if I was intoxicated or on whatever strong drugs people [one person in particular; you know who you are] seemed to be on, Dolphy Day would have seemed like some type of Woodstock. But to my sober self, it felt nowhere near that.

While based on this article it seems as though I did not enjoy any part of Dolphy Day whatsoever, that it not the case. By the food section there was some decent deejaying going on, and a whole lot of dancing, which for me requires no amount of alcohol at all.

Although Dolphy Day is not my favorite day of the year, I do look forward to what next year holds in store for this notorious affair. And hopefully the wizard will be kind enough to select a day when the women’s lacrosse team can fully participate.