Student of the Week: Bri Corradi


Kerrigan Coyle '15, Staff Writer


I bring you another first this week here in the Student of the Week column. With the fact that this is my third time writing this column there are going to be a lot of firsts. I want to introduce everyone to Bri Corradi.  If you don’t know her already then you are missing out. Bri is something of a Le Moyne ambassador. I don’t think it’s possible for her to not say hello to someone she knows. Now let me explain why she is the first ever female Student of the Week.

Bri is the head choreographer of LSDC (Le Moyne Student Dance Company). In the beginning, they had to make it LSDC because if it was in LSD, I, along with everyone else, would be unable to avoid the puns.  So, as long if you haven’t been living under a rock (or in Mitchell) you know Bri or someone in LSDC. They are the type of girls to make sure you know they are a LSDC dancer. There is a huge sense of pride because of all the work they do. It’s in your face, but it’s kind of enjoyable. They’re real sweethearts.  So when I asked Bri to tell me something about herself she laughed because we are friends and said, “You should already know everything”.

Being in charge of the self-proclaimed largest“cult” on campus is a big deal. Trust me, running a club is more work than you think. It is a constant balancing act of being productive and preserving your sanity. When asked about the philosophy of LSDC, Bri said: “You don’t choose LSDC, it chooses you.” She went on to say, “It’s a support system better than any Victoria’s Secret bra. Just so you know it’s real.” As a man, I don’t know what that means, but oh well.

The best part of being involved at a small school like Le Moyne is the friends you make and the friends that turn into family. Maybe that’s what the whole One Le Moyne saying means. That is what LSDC offers, like many other clubs and club sports. Just because LSDC practices in the PAC does not mean it is not a sport. We can have a discussion about whether or not dancing is a sport, but curling is in the Olympics, so I’ll let you decide. Being in this club requires a huge time commitment and countless sacrifices. Bri told me in the interview she spends a minimum of 10 hours a week. This girl really does “Werk”. Her words, not mine. It’s amazing how much of her time she gives up. Somehow she is graduating with Honors in Psychology and conducted her own Honors research experiment about how females feel related to checking their Instagram. Sometimes taking a selfie should be a crime…

Most people know Bri around campus because she is a great role model. She has been an RA in St. Mary’s for the past two years. So being recommended by Bri is better than Freddy P himself.  If you want to see how athletic Bri and her dancers are, just buy a front row seat at the LSDC show at the end of April. Balancing school and a sport is done only because you enjoy it. That is what being a distinguished SOTW is all about. So if you see Bri on campus, just call her by her nickname: Bribear. The girl gives the warmest hugs on campus and she also has the warmest smile. Remember, winning Student of the Week is kind of a big deal.