Those winter blues

Brooke Merrifield '17, Staff Writer

Winter is probably the most dreaded season of all. Sure, you have your select few who enjoy winter and “its beauty,” but talk to most people about the onset of snow and they groan. The ones who groan are probably those of us who have lived in Syracuse or on the upper east coast for most of our lives. As someone with a specifically Syracuse experience, I’ll stay focused here.

If you’ve lived in Syracuse for even a short time, I’m sure you’ve noticed the spotty weather. We’ve already had a few minor snow falls. The key word there is minor because, believe me, it gets much worse when winter officially hits. There will be days where your cars are snowed in and your fingers want to fall off. If you want to live in Syracuse, these days are unavoidable. But there will also be days where there is only a comfortable chill and a mild dusting of snow. Depending on the year, these days may be few and far between. I hope that by now you’ve sensed a pattern of unpredictability. The inevitability of the unpredictable, and perhaps intimidating weather can be disheartening at times. You may not want to get out of bed and you may fall into a mild depression. This is not an exaggeration. Seasonal Affect Disorder [SAD] is a huge factor of winter in Syracuse. Basically, we just have to deal with it.

Although we complain endlessly, Syracusians really do want to enjoy the winter. It’s not like we’re all bitter, hot-chocolate-hating, snowman kicking, anti-sledding Scrooges. On the contrary, we rely on these few positive traits to survive the winter months. These activities are the saviors of Syracusians as they try to temporarily turn themselves into snow-bunnies. I realize that not everyone will find this transition to be so simple and might find themselves panicking. No need to fret, the snow is not quite here yet. You still have time to prepare yourself before it hits hard.

Syracuse offers plenty of opportunities in the winter if you look for them. There are ice rinks galore, a particularly popular one being downtown. There is an abundance of hills which are perfect for sledding and certainly enough snow to make an army of snowmen. If you’re not ready to be outdoors during the winter, there are still options. Vitamin C can help with SAD symptoms and stocking up on warm blankets and hot-chocolate always helps to soothe chilled bones and dismal spirits. Most of all, you can catch up with all of the shows or movies in your Netflix queue.

Prepare yourself now because there’s no way to tell when winter will come in full force. But don’t be disheartened or frightened away. Although winter can be frustrating and dreary, good times can still be had in Syracuse. Not to mention the experience will definitely toughen you up.