Use Le Moyne’s ECHO to your advantage

Nicole Albrigo '14, Editor-in-Chief

I advise students, if you don’t already, to live by Le Moyne’s Echo website. I have never regretted looking at the Echo website in the past few years that I’ve been here at Le Moyne. If you don’t look at it, chances are you will miss out on some really awesome events that could benefit you, your experience at Le Moyne and your career when you graduate.

For those who don’t read the Dolphin Digest emails, which I’m admittedly completely guilty of, usually miss out on the list of seminars and events around campus. And if you don’t look at Echo, which I again am completely guilty of, then you really miss out on these events.

For instance, about a week ago, I got an email about a webinar for information about an NFL entry-level program. I’ve never been to a webinar, and actually had no idea what it would entail, so I RSVP’d and checked it out.

Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed the session. Webinars are group internet conferences that companies use to get potential job applicants. Take the NFL entry-level program webinar for example. It was about a 35-minute session with a public relations representative who gave details what the position consists of, requirements for the job and opportunities that could come after the program was over.

And these kinds of webinars aren’t the only things that are posted on Le Moyne’s Echo site. There’s a wide spectrum of events, ranging from daily masses in the chapel, to academic program information sessions, to events happening in the local central New York area.

We’re constantly hearing about that “real world” that comes after graduation. Le Moyne really does strive to get us prepared for that, and these workshops, webinars, info sessions and events are there to do just that. Most events are completely free and open to all students, so why not?

By clicking on the title of the event on the website, you can see more information, including the time, location, contact information and sometimes even a brief overview of what to expect.

Interested in checking out what Le Moyne has to offer? Check out now and start packing your calendar.