Chocolate lover’s holiday

Rachel McVicar, Staff Writer

I’ll bet you don’t know what today is! Just kidding. I’m sure you are quite intelligent and have a complete grasp of the modern Gregorian calendar and all of the significant Hallmark holidays that it has to offer you. In case you are not completely awake today or have not been met with the appropriate greeting, I will just tell you what today is. Today is Valentine’s Day!

I realize that this is one of those holidays that is met with either immense cheer and warmth or immense disdain and loathing depending on your relationship status, but I do not think that the latter is ever necessary. The reason for this is: chocolate. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you get chocolate. If you have good friends who love you, you get chocolate. If you just want chocolate because it’s delicious, you can buy yourself chocolate in fun shapes and neat boxes. This holiday is all about the chocolate.

Did you know that in Japan on Valentine’s Day, it is tradition for girls to make homemade chocolates and give them to the boys that they like? I have to say that to be a good-looking Japanese guy on Valentine’s Day must result in quite a haul. If you haven’t noticed, I happen to like chocolate. Well, maybe “like” is a bit weak. I delight in chocolate higher than any other food group, and I am not ashamed of that fact.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for those of us who are not romantically involved to remind our non-romantic loved ones that giving chocolate is not limited to lovers. And hey, if none of your friends will buy you any chocolate, you can just wait till tomorrow and get it for yourself cheap.

Just about any store you can find will sell special Valentine’s Day chocolates in heart-shaped boxes with ribbons and fancy bows, but they are usually expensive for the amount they contain. If you want to save money and still indulge in delicious, creamy sweets, you can wait a day or two until after the holiday and it will all go on sale. Granted, if you wait to buy the chocolate until after Valentine’s Day, it will no longer be for Valentine’s Day and will defeat the point of buying chocolate for Valentine’s Day, but the chocolate is what really matters here, regardless of the day it’s eaten.

Whether it’s for or from someone you love romantically or platonically, Valentine’s Day is a prime opportunity for you to enjoy some of the best candy on the planet with the people who mean the most to you. So, I think that you should take advantage of this cozy holiday to grab a friend and tell them you love them. Love isn’t something you feel, it’s something you do. Remind all your compadres that you hang out with them for a reason and make them feel good about themselves. You might even get some chocolate for your troubles!