Yeah, about that new shuttle…

Andreya Matthew, Staff Writer


I was a little surprised and curious about the changes to the shuttle this year. So instead of  a big spacious Centro bus transporting  several of us at the same time, a Le Moyne van will? Weird. How exactly will that work?  When we run out of space in the van will we start strapping each other on the top of the roof?  Or will we just have to take turns going and have it on a first-come first-serve basis? Yeah,  that is probably a little safer, but not as fun as riding on the roof of the van.

In addition to the vehicle change there have been changes in terms of what day students can make the trip,  which I do not mind as much as the van idea. I think Sunday is a good day to go grocery shopping because it is the end of the week.  Now we can get a head start on what we need for the week and not have to actually wait for the week to start. Sunday was a smart day to choose. On the other hand, “Wednesday seems like an odd day but, being as it is the hump of the week, I guess it’s okay..

I just wonder who makes these decisions ? Why did we downgrade from an entire Centro bus to a small Le Moyne van? And why weren’t we, the students, for whom the shuttle service is provided to begin with, addressed with these changes before they were made? It seems like we are forced to accept the situation as is and just go along with it.

I appreciate that we still have a free shuttle to take us grocery shopping period. However, I think that we should have more of a say in changes that affect us directly. Whether it is a survey, email, or poll in front of the cafeteria, the powers-that-be should provide something that involves us in decision making.

Being that this is an election year, and that the practice of voting will be contagious, were the college to allow for students participate in the discussions, engagement would be high.