CGC: College Girl Code Chicken soup for the end of the year

Zw, an anonymous college girl, Staff Writer


Hello there, ladies of Dolphin Country! It’s me, College Girl! This week’s topic is the end of the year for summer draws near. We all know what I’m talking about; those dreadful nights spent writing numerous final papers that our professors so kindly assigned to us en masse, not to mention research projects and in-class presentations!

I know that I love when this point of the semester arrives, especially when it’s the only thing betweenme and my summer. The only thing we can do is put ourselves in the mindset that the sooner we finish all the work we have piled on our desks, the sooner we can be done and enjoy our summer vacations!

I know that the first thing that happens to us as this time approaches is that we no longer want to do any of our schoolwork. It’s normal, and half the time (no matter what point in the semester it is) we don’t want to do it anyways.

Instead of giving up and getting distracted or restless, take a breather and do you work little by little. If you complete chunks at a time, you won’t feel like you have as much to do. This will only work if you’re proactive and don’t procrastinate till the day when it’s all due. So do yourself a favor, once you get assigned your work, organize a timed schedule to approach it in chunks and most importantly, stick to that schedule!

Keeping a positive attitude will also help you. If you continue to be a “Debbie Downer” about everything on your plate, then you’ll never make it out alive! Well, you might, but you’ll be at war with yourself the entire time. So help yourself and be positive about the things that you need to get done. If you stop dreading the inevitability of your assignments and just take a crack at them, then before you know it, they’ll be done and you’ll be worry free.

These tips will help you getting through your work until the end of the year, but what about next year? I know that we’re all worried about registering for classes. At least, I know I am. If you have luck like me (by which I mean you have none), the classes you desire to take never work out. You get so excited because you’re only five minutes away from your registering time and there are still four remaining spots in a course you’d love to take… then you push the “register” button and you see the dreadful message that you only got into two of five classes! It sucks, and we’ve all been there at least once.

There’s nothing you can do about not getting into a course. You can test your luck on an override form, but we all know how well those work out.

It’s going to be okay. To save yourself in case this does happen to you, make sure to pick out classes that can serve as back-ups. This way, when you don’t get into all of your chosen courses, you can take a breather and go right back and register for your back-ups before they too reach capacity. Problem solved.

Here’s wishing everyone a smooth end of the semester and luck with registration.

College Girl out!