Life as an LMC transfer student

Corin Prystal, Staff Writer

As a freshman, you enter college with a clean slate, unless you happen to be from the town that your college is in. You probably don’t know anyone and it’s a chance for you to start anew and meet people in an entirely fresh atmosphere. Since most freshmen share a relatively similar situation it’s easy to latch on to the people nearest to you in dorms and classes. During orientation week and through all the events that Le Moyne College stages, it’s almost impossible not to meet new people. By mid-semester you’ve garnered a whole new group of friends and a new life on campus.

But what about the transfer students? Those of us who have already been through at least a semester in college and have already cultivated friendships elsewhere, and are now forced to start all over again? Let me be the first to say that I was completely terrified before I moved onto the Le Moyne campus.

I’m sure most of my fellow transfer students were asking themselves the same questions before the beginning of the semester. Will you make friends? Will you get along with your roommates? Will you enjoy your classes? It’s certainly not easy to arrive at a college where everyone has already found their circle and you’re left trying to stick yourself somewhere in the middle of it all.

Luckily, Le Moyne College appears to have a soft spot for transfer students and I’m very happy to say that the college has made my transition from outside much easier. Thanks to transfer orientation weekend, I immediately had the opportunity to participate in tours, dinners and other activities with transfer students that you can relate to. Thanks to Nancy Piscitell, Le Moyne College transfer student liaison, and the entire Transfer Support faculty and staff. From the very first day it’s easy to feel as though you already belong.

Unlike the incoming freshmen, transfer students also have the advantage of not needing to suffer through “frosh” treatment their first term. As far as living accommodations go, Ann Bersani, associate director of Campus Life and Leadership, and her team do their best to make sure every student is placed in an environment that suits them well. Fortunately, I was placed with a great group of girls who were completely welcoming. Sure, not everyone is going to absolutely love their living situation but it’s comforting to know that people are looking out for you when you need them.

The best advice that I can give to incoming and current transfer students at Le Moyne College is to get involved. If you’re like me and you’re the farthest thing from “athletic,” joining a club or — for more daring types — a few clubs is a great way to meet people who share your interests. Le Moyne even has special events and activities just for transfer students, so meeting people who are in the same place as you is no big deal.

While many students have ridiculous schedules and don’t have the time to commit to meetings and extra assignments, being a part of something that’s related to your major could even alleviate the hassle of homework and studying. Having an open mind and accepting that you don’t yet know everyone and everything will make your time here at Le Moyne great. Instead of wondering where and when to eat or study, you can be making new friends.

It helps that Le Moyne’s faculty and staff are eager to provide help to new students. My last piece of advice is to meet with your advisor and the Career Services office to figure out where you want your time at Le Moyne College to take you.