What else does “C” stand for in the “C-Store”?

Corin Prystal, Staff Writer

Place yourself in this scenario: it’s just after 8 p.m., you’ve finally just finished out the day and you’re about to begin a long night of homework due early tomorrow morning. You’re starving — having not eaten anything since lunchtime — and completely exhausted.

You think to yourself, “I could really go for a hot pocket and a large coffee right about now,” so you head down to the first floor of Grewen Hall and just as you’re inches away from that delicious fantasy, you remember that our campus’ purported “convenience store” only operates until 7 p.m. on weekdays. The C-Store’s hours make no sense.

Sure, one could go and place an order at the Dolphin Den next door, but I don’t know anyone who wishes to battle their way through the undulating hoard of students that constantly surround the place. Even if one is to eventually make it to the front of the line at the Den, then they’re still forced to wait anywhere between 10 (a reasonable time for what you’re looking at when the Den is near-deserted) to 30 minutes just to get your food. Say what you will about the quantities and/or quality of the food in the Dolphin Den, but no one has ever stuck the misleading word “convenient” in front of its name.

If I was that desperate for food, I’d likely fore-go the arduous wait and simply drive down to the gas station at the bottom of Thompson. Unfortunately, I don’t own a car, and the walk up and down that hill and back around the campus is the very reason we needed a convenient place to shop to begin with.

What are all of the over-achievers who crammed their days full past 7 p.m. to do? Well, stocking up on snacks and caffeine is a good place to start.

For those of you who finish up earlier in the day, here’s another scenario: You’re done with class around 2 p.m. and, almost magically, the C-Store is actually open. Being an indecisive college student, you’re never sure what you’re in the mood for. Don’t worry though — the C-Store has solved that problem for you! With their mediocre selection they’ll have you choosing in seconds.

The utter lack of variety and the laughably poor hours aside, I’ve yet to address the C-Store’s greatest flaw: the pricing of most of the products in the C-Store is ludicrous. Sure, many gas stations and restaurants might charge the same amount for a soda as the C-Store, but vending machines have them for only a dollar. Candy bars all cost 50 percent more than what they regularly would, and meal-oriented food (for students not on meal plans) like boxed cereal or microwavable treats will seriously break the bank. Repeated trips to the C-Store will deteriorate your Munch Money within a month alone. Thank you, C-Store, you never let us down.