Campus conveniences require fine-tuning

Andreya Matthew, Staff Writer

The newest changes to the LMC student shuttle service are unfair to the student body and need to be reevaluated. Although I do appreciate the shuttle that carries students to Shoppingtown, Wegmans, and Target on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 to 11 p.m., there are many more places where the shuttles could be put to use. I’m just saying — in my Drake voice — that it could do better.

For example, rather than the shuttle service only running twice a week,  it could run daily, because those two days are not convenient for many students and the shuttles are meant to be a service for the entire community.

Another aspect of the shuttle system that needs to change is the destinations. Students need more options. Wal-Mart and BJ’s Wholesale Club should be included on the shuttle rotation. I am one of several money-starved Le Moyne students and I find that returning to Target and Wegmans to purchase the same food and supplies every week — due to limited other options — is a hassle,  especially as I would like to buy large quantities of foods for a lower price, which neither Wegmans nor Target allows. Times are always hard for a college student and we need to pinch every penny we own to stretch our funds as far as possible.

I propose that LSPB and the Student Government Association take a survey of our student body and use majority opinion to inform changes to the shuttle system and other services on campus. The student body’s voice needs to be heard, as the purpose of these services in the first place is to make our lives easier. I can guarantee that if these changes are made, the shuttle will be used daily, especially on Friday, because last semester the shuttle was continuously used on Friday. All we need to do to make these necessary changes is band together as a community, voicing our opinions and ideas, and then act upon them.