Le Moyne Responds to Student Concerns


Thank you to the students who recently voiced their opinions on improving campus life in The Dolphin. At the very heart of our Jesuit values lives discernment, a process of listening and taking in many viewpoints. We are grateful for the opportunity to dialogue with students as we work together to create a campus experience that is vibrant, meaningful and conducive to personal and academic growth.

In the spirit of productive dialogue, we would like to share with you the following initiatives that are currently taking place or being planned for the near future. 

  • Hangout Space and Private Space:  This fall, after additional renovations to Reilly Hall, we will open a new BIPOC student lounge and a lounge for commuter students. Additionally, study nooks and meeting spaces will be added. Students have expressed their desire for these community spaces, which will continue to be a priority when areas of campus are refurbished. We regularly study how campus facilities are used, and as part of the construction process, we asked student focus groups for suggestions regarding space usage.

  • Dining Options and Coffee Shop:  The College is currently reviewing bids from three firms for a new food services contract. As part of this process, we have expressed our desire to have a coffee shop on campus and to provide more varied options for students, including expanded hours, different types of cuisines, and more venues across campus.  The bids will be vetted by a group of students, faculty, and staff. We realize that dining is central to the student experience and are seeking a plan that will cultivate a sense of community, belonging and engagement.

  • Plans to Improve Campus Landscape: Earlier this year, the College formed a landscape committee comprised of faculty, staff and student members. The committee is currently examining the entire campus to determine where we can plant more trees, create new and better gardens, and expand our sustainability practices. Work is expected to begin this spring and summer. Additionally, the College has engaged a landscape architect to prepare plans for renewing Dablon quad. As plans are finalize, the College will be seeking benefactors to support this initiative.
  • Study of the Event and Recreation Centers: This semester, the College will bring a design firm to campus for a comprehensive and interactive multi-day session to gather input regarding improvements to the Recreation Center and Event Center. All members of the campus community will be invited to participate.  
  • Reilly Hall – Classroom Renovation:  Phase Two of the Reilly Hall renovation will be the largest capital project on campus this summer. Classrooms will be completely renovated, and new seating and study spaces will be added to the classroom wing corridors. In addition, the Communication and Film Studies program offices and labs will be redesigned and upgraded. Offices for Career Advising and Development, HEOP and AHANA programs, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion will also be renovated.
  • Parking and Accessible Parking Spaces: We are discussing options for improving parking on campus, and this semester we will begin a study of accessible parking spaces on campus to ensure there are enough spaces in the right locations. Decisions regarding parking availability and the number of handicapped parking spots on campus requires the consideration of many factors, with an ultimate goal of selecting and moving forward with a sustainable solution that benefits everyone.
  • Keenan Center Access: The Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity provides resources and space for all students regardless of major or program of study. The space includes a wide range of expensive technical equipment for student projects, including 3D printers, VR headsets and several high-end video cameras. To safeguard this equipment, access to the Keenan Center is controlled by card swipe access. Work study students who help to run and operate the center have access from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the week, so all students can access the center during those hours.
  • New Emergency Notification System: For many years, the College has used Heights Alert for campus emergencies. To improve emergency communication services, Campus Security will be moving to a new system that is expected to be in place by this fall. This sophisticated emergency notification system will feature improved communication tools, including an app-based “blue light” feature, and location sharing functionality. All students, faculty and staff will be enrolled in this system to help ensure our collective safety.


Thank you again for your thoughts on these matters. Every day you make us proud. We welcome your feedback on these initiatives and look forward to continued dialogue.


Le Moyne College Senior Leadership Team