Le Moyne Jesuits among CNY religious leaders to call for a transition from fossil fuels

Maddie Rhodes, Sports Editor

The Le Moyne Jesuits, along with many other Catholic religious leaders, are calling for a transition away from fossil fuels. The Jesuit community at Le Moyne endorsed this statement:

“Given the dangers represented by the continued burning of fossil fuels to the planet we depend upon for life and the importance of the next ten years in keeping the planet under 1.5 degrees centigrade of heating we urge the community in CNY to start planning a transition away from fossil fuels now.”

Around 400,000 religious members across upper New York have signed this statement. Endorsers of the statement include the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse and The Episcopal Diocese of Central New York.

Many other religious leaders of different faiths have endorsed this statement, such as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Native American leaders. Other faiths such as Earth-based Spiritualities — Episcopal, Hindu, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Sikh, and Tibetan-Buddhist — are agreeing with the transition away from fossil fuels as well.

“I agree with it. Jesuits across the country agree with it,” said Le Moyne Jesuit, Father Frank Nash, regarding the statement. “A number of schools have removed their investments in nonrenewable fuels.”

The Pope has spoken and preached about climate change, and many Catholics are following along with his statements.

Father Nash notes that, “Unless we address climate change, this world is going to be a disaster… It’s going to affect the way we live and it’s going to affect the way people die.”

Father Nash has been continuously supporting any group that is addressing climate change, and he constantly signs petitions.

“Anybody who recognizes that contribution of science to our lives has to acknowledge the fact that we have a major problem with climate change…” said Father Nash. “If we don’t do something, 40 years from now, this Earth is going to be a totally different place. Maybe parts of it are going to be unlivable.”

A press conference was held via Zoom — Religious Leaders Support Transition Off of Fossil Fuels — on April 19th at 2 PM. Many of these endorsers were in attendance.

The speakers were Episcopal Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe, who is one of the signers of a national call by Episcopal Bishops; Oren Lyons who is a known climate change activist who spoke at the UN in 2000; and Professor Robert Howarth who is a climate scientist at Cornell University.