Navigating the Career World During COVID-19 with the Office of Career Advising and Development

Macy Missigman, News and Features Editor

Le Moyne has many great resources for students and one of my personal favorites is the Office of Career Advising and Development.

This office helps equip students with the necessary tools and support to help them flourish in the job market.

Here, you can get help with resumes, cover letters, interview prep, mock interviews, LinkedIn/Handshake profile reviews and more.

Even with the pandemic, the office is open and willing to help students.

Speaking from personal experience, it is really beneficial to utilize these tools and is super easy to make an appointment using Handshake.

The office truly wants to help students succeed. Their website has how-to guides on how to write and structure your resume and cover letter, as well as interview prep and networking. Those can all be easily found at

I asked Meredith Tornabene, Director of Career Advising and Development, what message she would like to share with students. She stated “[they should] take action when it comes to determining or achieving their career goals…

“This action can take many forms: making an appointment with us, using the resources on our website, signing up for programs like Manresa, etc. It can also be getting to know your professors and talking with them about your career questions. The key is to get some momentum going and tap into the offices and people at Le Moyne who can help you overcome any obstacles you might encounter.”

If you are someone actively looking for a job or internship, the Career Advising and Development Office puts on really nice career fairs. The office recently had a virtual fair with over 40 employers! There will be another one for Health Professions on April 21.

Professor Leslie Streissguth, Associate Director of Career Advising and Development informed me that, “woven into all support and programming, REPP guides the work we do with students as we encourage everyone to:

Reflect on where they are and where they want to go

Explore ways to connect with experiences and people that will support goals

Prepare for these experiences by utilizing the many ways Le Moyne Career Advising supports students and alumni

Pursue opportunities – internships, research opportunities, jobs, fellowships and more”

Like Tornabene, Professor Streissguth echoed the importance of using the resources the office has to their fullest. She also shared some other important resources for students. “Logging into Handshake—jobs, internships, fellowships, scheduling one-on-one appointments with our staff, and more—is a must. Taking advantage of Manresa, which is available all years at Le Moyne, makes such a difference in students’ experiences, as well. In addition, Designing the Next Step (career discovery and planning) (CMM/PSF 202), and Communicating Connections (building your professional community) (CMM/PSF 203) are one-credit practicum courses that can help students define and clarify their career planning.”

Using these resources to their fullest potential will allow you to be able to navigate career opportunities with a better understanding and give you an added layer of confidence. If you have any questions, you can reach out to Career Advising and Development at [email protected].