Giving Day 2021, the Year of Gratitude


Kaitlyn Greer, Arts and Leisure Editor

On a cold and snowy Thursday, the Le Moyne community warmed the hearts of those in need as Giving Day 2021 exposed the light in a dim world. 

For a remarkable 75 years, Le Moyne College has been blessed with a community that continuously provides support for their Phin Phamily. 

In those first 74 years, this community had never faced a situation where coming together could mean so much to one another.

Those years now feel like a distant, but close memory as days when students, professors, administrators, faculty and staff could gather together with their friends, family, alumni, and even strangers to celebrate the gratitude they all have. 

The  seniors decided to give back to a place they have called home over the last four years, and due to this past year’s devastating events, many families have been left with little to nothing. 

So, as a result the class of 2021 has decided to give back in a way that seemed both meaningful and efficient; they would donate whatever they could to a fund in need.

All donations made will go to the Jesuit Student Relief Fund. Many families of fellow Phins have experienced hardships throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and these funds will go towards supporting these families.

Every senior donation of $20.21 was matched with a $100 gift from Mike Madden ’71. 

Senior communications major, Lauren Wiley, who is an active member of the SALT committee shared her thoughts on this years gift:

I think the senior gift is a great way for seniors to come together under one cause. We normally would be seeing so much of each other with upcoming events, but without things like the 100 Nights until graduation celebration it can be hard to remember what being part of a graduating class feels like…

… The fund that our senior gift goes to is one that I feel is universal and connects us all, no matter how each of us has been individually affected by the pandemic. Making a contribution to the fund helped me to remember that we are all there for each other even if it isn’t in the way we are used to.” 

It is something to be proud of when a community can come together under one cause, to see how encouraging students can be towards one another and their community. 

However, it was not only seniors who could do their part.

Many students and fellow ‘Phin Phamily’ members contributed toward athletics, giving away meal swipes, and even shared via social media what Giving Day and Le Moyne has meant to them. 

It was a simple way for those who do not have much to give and to spread joy to others. 

This year’s goal could likely change more lives than Giving Day ever has before. 

The challenge ended as the clock struck midnight, revealing that 154% of the goal had been accomplished. 

While aiming for 1750 donors, by the end of the 24 hours, there were 2,711 donors and a total of $758,070 donated. 

Although Giving Day is over, there is still time to donate and make a difference for those in need. 

Reflect on what you are grateful for this year and share that with your community. 

Then, make those around you grateful for something you selflessly gave back.