NVMV: Thrifted and Altered Clothing

Denim altered and painted by Vine [Photo provided by Vine]

Denim altered and painted by Vine [Photo provided by Vine]

Maddie Rhodes, Sports Editor

Maddison Vine, a Senior RN (Registered Nurse) at Le Moyne College, is promoting her ongoing brand of thrifted clothes coined “NVMV.” Her clothes, originally found at the thrift store, are altered and styled into the latest fads.

Vine began her clothing line by taking her own clothes and hemming the bottoms of shirts to make them into crop tops. With others wildly interested in Vine’s style, she received many outdated articles of clothing from others with requests to transform them into a modern style. Vine shared her style with others by creating NVMV.

Vine originally learned her sewing skills from her babysitter when she was 10 years old, but never sewed much after. When she was given another sewing machine, her skills quickly picked it back up. With Vine’s sewing abilities and her unique style, her sewing skills quickly turned into a business. Vine describes her process, “Whenever I get clothes, I look at them and see how I want to make them different. I thought that if other people liked my clothes then I could do this. It’s not expensive to get clothes from a thrift store, cut them up and sew them, and then sell them.”

Her line of crop tops quickly expanded into other articles of clothing, as everyone was intrigued with her new found talent. Vine has now expanded to taking donated clothes, or thrifted, and creating them into something completely new. Vine explains, “If it’s a sweatshirt, I’ll crop it with elastic or cut off the sleeves and make it a short sleeve. I’ve also added things, I’ve painted stars on clothes and I’ve hemmed jeans and frayed them. I am taking clothes that are old and making them what’s in style right now.”

Vine sells her line through Instagram, @nvmv_clothing, where her number of followers and fashionistas began to exponentially grow. She is now creating a men’s line, as many are now asking her to make their shorts shorter to fit the new male trend. She is also learning how to make ripped jeans, as well as altering dresses to a specific person.

Vine has made a fortune with her low cost, low waste company. Thrift shopping is still in style, and Vine is making the most of this ongoing trend.

Whether people donate clothing, or she buys it from the thrift store, Vine doesn’t produce as much waste products as other companies. Vine also started creating scrunchies with the leftover material. These scrunchies match the fabric of the clothing and are often sold together.

The name of her growing business is a play on words, where the first two letters (NV) said aloud sounds like envy, and the last two letters (MV) are her name: Maddison Vine. “Envy MV.” This subtle slogan is evidently true within her clothing line, where we all envy MV’s new style.

Luckily, she is able to share her style with the rest of the world and posts constantly on NVMV Clothing. The prices are negotiable, and shipping is either $5, or can be picked up/dropped off. If you need something hemmed, altered, cropped, bleached, or even just styled, direct message @nvmv_clothing for a new wardrobe.