Class of 1969’s Golden Reunion Year


Jonah Cummings, Staff Writer

Le Moyne College is looking to achieve a record number of attendees and money raised for this year’s Golden Reunion. The reunion will take place May 17-19 here at Le Moyne College, and the class of 1969 will be celebrated for their 50th year since graduation.

“It has the potential to be a record-breaking attendance and in fundraising,” said Kasha Godleski, Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement. The goal for fundraising for the past Golden Reunion classes has been one million dollars. However, this year they have already exceeded that figure. “Our goal this year was one million one hundred seventy-five thousand dollars, and we will definitely meet that goal,” said Godleski.

Godleski detailed a little history of this Golden Reunion, explaining that there was traditionally only one reunion weekend, but the 50th class was also invited back for commencement weekend. “A lot of times, the 50th class was torn on if they should go to one weekend or the next,” said Godleski. “They really get the attention and all of our focus in the alumni office.” This trip was no problem for the earliest classes because most of the alumni were locals but asking these people to travel twice in two weeks to the same place seemed a bit far-fetched. She says that she has almost doubled the size of the committee who oversees this event and gives them opportunities to add new events and ideas. This is Godleski’s second-year “running point” on this event.

The Golden Reunion weekend is packed with events for the alumni to participate in. According to Le Moyne’s website, the Class of 1969 will be participating in an array of events: From a mass to remember classmates who have passed away, to having coffee with Le Moyne’s President Linda Lemura. The highlight of the weekend, however, is that the 50th reunion class will participate in the graduation ceremony. “They will physically process with the graduating class,” said Barbara Karper, Advancement Associate. “It is something a lot of the class members look forward to.” Godleski also spoke on how special this moment is as well. She says the two classes walk from different directions and converge as they process, the graduates wearing green robes as the alumni wear black.

Emma Discenza, a student worker in the office said, “The older generations love coming back because they like to see the life that the current students bring to their space.” Discenza gives guided tours to these alumni on reunion weekends. This year, the guided tours will be held from 9-10 a.m. on Saturday, May 18th.  “Not everyone is as appreciative as the 50th class,” said Discenza. “They seem to really appreciate the education they got here, and they have grown enough to really value their time here.”

“This class, in particular, has a theme of giving back to the college,” said Tracy Caryl, Alumni Office Coordinator. “They seem very determined to give back to Le Moyne.”