Le Moyne EMS

The new Le Moyne Emergency Medical Services Agency received recognition from New York State in 2018 to provide care for on-campus incidents.

In early December, the student-run volunteer group became a New York State Certified EMS Agency.

Recognition from the state is necessary for the group to be called an agency and give care, according to Director of Administrative Services Valerie Pirro.

“It is important for our EMS agency to be recognized by the State because it allows us to serve the college,” she said. “It opens up doors to training opportunities like the free EMT courses for our members.”

Student volunteer EMTs Andrea Chapman and Rachel Kaprielov explained that they perform CPR, AED, Stop the Bleed, Airway Management, and burn treatment.

Full-time students Alex Cimino, Michael Cimino, Benjamin Colwell, Tyler Peet, and Valerie Pirro have spent three years trying to develop the agency on Le Moyne’s campus.

“Me and the other directors began the process of creating this agency about three years ago,” said the Director of Training Benjamin Colwell. “For me, it was primarily about getting a service on campus for students to help fellow students and to give opportunities to get real world
medical experience right here at Le Moyne.”

The agency is aimed, according to Director of Operations Alex Cimino, to serve the campus to reduce the response time to incidents.
“Le Moyne is very unique with its response areas,” Cimino said. “Le Moyne is divided up between three different fire districts and two different ambulance districts. Depending on where you get hurt on campus you are looking at either Syracuse Fire Department, East Syracuse Fire Department or DeWitt and depending on who they have contracts with you are looking at EAVES Ambulance or AMR Ambulance. So, having this on campus is going to allow one unified response system so you know Le Moyne EMS is coming to help out,” Cimino told WSYR-TV.

The EMS agency is located in the Campus Security office in the basement of Nelligan Hall. Le Moyne EMS and Campus Security respond to calls, according to Kaprielov.

“We know the campus better than anybody else, and we play a critical role in response time. No matter the situation, the patient’s status can deteriorate very rapidly. Having someone who knows the campus and can respond so quickly is pertinent to the patient’s health,” she explained.

Andrea Chapman said that they have had about sixteen calls so far, referring to the agency’s start on January 22nd , 2019.
Kaprielov added, “I know agencies that have taken years to get established. The fact that full-time students were able to do this is astonishing!”