Insights from the Heights

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April 5, 2019

Le Moyne College has started a new webinar series meant to engage and create a point of contact for the Le Moyne community, by providing content that is both engaging and compelling.

Insights from the Heights, the first episode aired on January 23, 2019. The series was created by The Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement, with initial intentions of reuniting alumni from near and far with the college and its values. However, the team working behind the webinar realized that not only alumni would benefit from such a series, but also current students as well as their parents.

The first episode, ‘Finding God in All Things: Ignatian Spirituality and Your Daily Life,’ was given by David McCallum, S.J., vice president for Mission Integration & Development as well as Karin Botto, the assistant vice president for Human Resources and Organization
Development. The episode was about the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola, how we find God in our day-to-day lives, as well as how to recognize our purpose.

Although Insights from the Heights can be live streamed, those who missed an episode or would like to rewatch one can do so on the series webpage*. In addition, all viewers are sent a link to a survey after every episode so those producing the series know what they need to work
on in the future.

Christine Liggio is associate director of alumni and parent programs at Le Moyne, and one of the leaders in the webinars production. Liggio said that the series has received “a lot of positive feedback”, with the alum being excited to connect with the institution once again.

Liggio also “saw a diversity of people participating”, with a large variety of locations and class years tuning in. The first episode had almost 200 registrants, all of whom ranged from right here in Syracuse, New York, to California, Michigan and Wisconsin. There were also viewers
from Le Moyne’s first ever graduating class of 1951, to current seniors graduating this spring of 2019, Liggio said.

Liggio hopes to cover a wide variety of topics in the future including more about the Ignatian value of Le Moyne, as well as the psychology of nostalgia, intrapreneurship, politics, as well as health and wellness. The second episode aired on February 20, 2019 and was given by
Michael Sgro. The episode, ‘The Strength of Weak Ties: How Networking Can Build Professional Success,’ covered topics regarding networking techniques, as well as how to effectively navigate your future career and engaging in professional development to build your current business. The third and final episode of this semester is set to air March 21, 2019. This topic will cover the truth about Generation Z, and will be given by Renée Downey Hart, Ph.D.

Lisa Petronio, class of 1885, found the webinar to be extremely useful and entertaining. “As both an alum and a parent of a current student, I believe this series is a great way for the Le Moyne community as a whole to stay connected and in tune,” Petronio said. The Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement really hopes to get the word out more, and are considering different advertising opportunities around campus as well as off campus, so they are sure to reach everyone.

Sam Bonsu transferred to Le Moyne this semester, and was interested in the web series after seeing a flyer advertising it in the dorms. “The series seems like a great thing for everyone here at Le Moyne,” Bonsu said. “Not only is it providing alumni with a chance to view their alma mater in a new light, but it seems like a great way for students to potentially connect with the alumni and staff. I think this could be super beneficial for student networking in the future.”