Doctorate in Executive Leadership

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A new program named the “Doctorate in Executive Leadership” is set to take off in the fall, and the office located within the Education Department.

This is seen in the academic community as an opportunity for the school to grow and learn more about the growing world while still retaining the original routes on which it was founded. After many alumni have stated that they would like to come pursue even higher education here, faculty started work on the program.

Dr. Dana Hart, director of the Ed.D. program, reported that in 2015, a survey sent to alumni that claimed “75 out of 500 alumni would be interested in further information on the Executive Leadership program when it reached Le Moyne College.” Hart said this was a driving
force to the college’s decision to create a new doctorate.

Students that know about this program have asked if this means that Le Moyne College would now be classified as “Le Moyne University.” When asked about the name change, Stephen Fleury, chair of the Education Department said, “I believe there’s three or four doctoral
programs before moving on to the university nomenclature.”

Dr. Maureen Patterson has stated that this new program “will not change anything for undergraduates.” There will be ten accepted students in the first class, and they will also receive advisors, but the school is hiring more help to handle the extra students. The picked students are
set to start classes this fall.

This new program will take four years to complete and is aimed to take on part-time students who are already in the professional field. All sources have concurred that this program is meant for current professionals, and this degree is supposed to help them gain the skills to be
leaders within their professions: CEOs, non-profit leaders, all the way up to learning political leadership skills.

Hart was recently brought into the college community to lead this new program, and he is the director of this new doctorate program. Dr. Hart acquired his doctorate in education from Syracuse University in 1981. He has a history of being a part-time Le Moyne professor, for
example, he taught courses such as MGT 451 (Team Leadership and Group Skills) in 2008, 2010, and 2015. He retired from his full time job as the Director of MS in Health Care Administration at Utica College to become the director of the Ed.D. program.

Along with Dr. Hart, the college is currently looking into hiring another faculty member to help in this program in 2019, and eventually another faculty member in 2020.