New Grant from McNeil Family Goes Towards New Risk Management and Insurance Major


Dina Cavallaro

Le Moyne student Brianna Eassa walks into Madden School of Business, where the new RMI major will be housed, on Monday, Nov. 5.

Le Moyne College announced that a $7 Million grant from the McNeil family will be used to establish a Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) Major.

The donation from the McNeil family, one of Le Moyne’s third-generation families, was announced at the College’s Founders’ Day Gala on Oct. 19.

According to Le Moyne’s website, “the College has begun to take steps within the institution to set up the major, and will eventually apply for approval from the New York State Department of Education.”

Senior Director of Admission, Mary Chandler, described the process. “First the College must build and develop the program internally, which involves taking the necessary steps within Le Moyne’s Curriculum Committee and Faculty Senate,” Chandler said. “Once that is completed and approved internally, we will apply to the state’s Department of Education for approval and accreditation.”

Many of the pre-existing classes at Le Moyne will contribute to the new major, however, new classes will be added and new professors will be hired. “Many of the College’s existing courses will comprise the new major and those courses yet to be introduced will be taught by new faculty,” Chandler said.

According to the website, “A risk management degree will provide you with a good understanding of how risk is managed and financed in the world of business.” Having an RMI degree can lead to careers such as, “Claims adjuster or examiner, Insurance manager, Insurance agent, Underwriter, Personal financial advisor, or Risk manager.”

Le Moyne’s website shares that “according to the website, “individuals majoring in RMI are in high demand and many schools that offer RMI degrees boast job-placement rates well above 90 percent.”

Le Moyne College alumna, Audrey Johnston, said she wishes this major was available when she was a student at Le Moyne. “I think the option for another major at Le Moyne will certainly be helpful for those looking to pursue career paths in Risk Management and Insurance,” said Johnston. “I wish they had an option like that when I was a student at Le Moyne because I know that myself and my fellow classmates would’ve considered it and enjoyed those classes!”

Current Accounting student, Brianna DeMauro, thinks that the new major will be a good addition to what Le Moyne already has to offer. “As an accounting and MBA student here at Le Moyne, I believe starting a Risk Management and Insurance major would further set Le Moyne apart from other reputable schools,” said DeMauro. “This major will attract more students to our college while helping current students gain important knowledge to help them become successful future business leaders.”

Chandler agrees that the new RMI major will add to Le Moyne’s appeal. “We expect it will prove to be a significant boon to our efforts to recruit prospective students since professionals in the risk management and insurance field are very much in demand both for the near- and long-term future,” Chandler said. “The program’s expected concentration on ethics and writing will add a distinguishing hallmark to the major…The RMI major will be housed in the Madden School but supported by both Madden and the College of Arts and Sciences,” Chandler said.

According to Le Moyne’s website, “When the program will launch at Le Moyne is dependent on receiving state approval.” Chandler said that approval typically takes three months to a year.