Le Moyne College Occupational Therapy Department Hires New Chair


Loredana Anastas

Caitlin Esposito is the new chair of the Occupational Therapy Department.

Le Moyne College promoted Caitlin Esposito as the Chair of the Occupational Therapy Department at the end of August 2018.

Esposito holds her position as chair and also teaches classes to the OT students.

In order to be chair of any department, one needs to have their doctoral degree. According to Esposito she has her Doctorate of Occupational therapy, OTD, and has eight years of clinical practice as a licensed occupational therapist.

Caitlin Esposito, Department Chair of the OT Department, said, “My primary goal for the OT Department at Le Moyne is to prepare our students to become occupational therapists who are willing to explore emerging or alternative areas of occupational therapy practice where they can address the occupational need of all of society.”

Le Moyne’s Occupational therapy program currently holds 79 students. According to Esposito, although the OT program is relatively new to Le Moyne, started in 2015, she sees consistent interest and growth within the program.

“I see the program transitioning from a master’s level program to an entry-level Doctorate in the near future in order to be consistent with the trends in occupational therapy education,” Said Esposito.

“This is an exciting opportunity as it will allow us to expand our curriculum to include more in-depth opportunities for research as well as offer coursework focused on specialty or advanced areas of practice,” Esposito said.

According to second-year OT Student, Blessy Bethel, the OT Department has prepared her for her future in Occupational therapy.

“I feel that this program has equipped me to work with others from various backgrounds and understand the needs of all people rather than focusing on just a “condition” or a medical diagnosis,” said Bethel.

According to Bethel, Dr. Esposito position has greatly influenced her students.

“I love Dr. Esposito and how she helps each student recognize the importance of our profession and the steps that are needed to achieve goals that we have set for ourselves,” said Bethel.

“She is very thorough in her directions and any follow-up questions we have for her.” According to Kelsy Allessi, a first year OT student, Dr. Esposito holds and shares a very valuable perspective on occupational therapy.

“As a mental health practitioner, she reminds us that OT goes beyond the physical nature of care and rehabilitation in order to successfully achieve a holistic approach to therapy,” said Allessi. “She fosters advocacy for the role of mental health in OT, and emphasizes the unique skill set and perspective that occupational therapists have to offer,” Allessi said.

“Dr. Esposito’s passion, excitement, and love for the field show in her everyday work,” said Allessi, “she continues to inspire all of the students that have the honor to be taught by her.”

“Although we are young in our development, we have a clear vision for the type of practitioner we want to leave our program,” said Esposito, “and that is one who will advance the profession of occupational therapy in meaningful ways.”