Student Housing Committee


Le Moyne College will create a Student Housing Committee to fix the issues surrounding the housing lottery process.

Claire DiYenno, who is an Area Director for Harrison Hall and overseeing housing at Le Moyne College, will be running the committee in coordination with Ann Bersani, of the Office of Campus Life and leadership. Prior students felt a lot of pressure, stress, and confusion within the housing lottery process about deadlines and required documents. The committee would essentially reduce the stress and the committee will help students be, “more involved in the process and where they’re going to live,” said DiYenno.

“Students will be able to give their input on the timeline, where it’s good or bad, whether if there’s enough time in between different buildings,” Bersani said. “Students can give their input on the order they want the lottery to be in and giving their general feedback about what it was like when they went through the lottery and what changes they would make.”

Bersani said the committee will be made up of students who have who have already participated in the lottery. “It is not beneficial to discuss the timetable and procedures regarding the housing lottery if students have not gone through it,” she said.

Since Le Moyne College has a four-year residency policy, the committee will help give advice on different ways to make living on campus more enticing. There are students living on campus who want to live off campus, but they can’t unless they go through the off-campus lottery.

“We’ll ask students what we could be doing that make it more enticing to live on-campus in residence halls and the townhouses, and one thing we are doing this year is that we’re doing an open house for the townhouses and apartments, so people can see what they look like before they decide,” said DiYenno.

Meaghan Burrows, student affairs chair for the Student Government Association, said she will represent all students.

“I know a lot of people aren’t happy with it and the way that it’s run, so knowing a lot of this information makes me feel like I have a good voice to sit on the committee,” Burrows said. Burrows said the housing lottery number is completely random between class years.

“We should create a system where people who are more involved on campus, involved in certain programs, have good academic and non-academic standing if you’re an athlete, and etc. should allocate you a higher number,” she said.

The committee will give feedback about their experiences from previous years before the housing lottery timetable is released, and feedback will still be received by students after the housing lottery has ended. The committee has no limit to how many students can join and be expected to meet by Oct. 28.