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Professional Chemistry Tutor

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The Quantitative Reasoning Center, or “QRC,” has hired a professional chemistry tutor in order to help the students who are wrestling with the subject.

The professional tutor’s name is Jibreel Adekiigbe. Adekiigbe received his undergraduate at Columbia University in chemistry and is a graduate student at Syracuse University working on his master’s degree in chemical engineering. Along with his studies, Adekiigbe works Tuesdays 3pm-5pm and Wednesdays 9am-11am for a total of four hours a week. You can make a tutoring appointment with Adekiigbe on the WCOnline website, listed under “professional chemistry tutor schedule.” Tutoring sessions can be up to five people at the same time.

Adekiigbe is the first professional tutor hired for the QRC, however, the Student Success Center has a professional writing tutor who works in the Writing Center. Adekiigbe is a paid Le Moyne employee.

The QRC runs clinics for chemistry in course levels like 101 and 151. Mary Schad, the assistant director of student success, runs one-on-one tutor sessions.

“We were just noticing that our appointments were filling up quickly. Students were letting us know that they weren’t getting as much help as they wanted,” said QRC Director Emily Lawless, referring to issues students were having around chemistry. In addition, Lawless said that since all of the tutors she and Mary Schad hire are undergraduate Le Moyne students; they acknowledge that those students have busy schedules, therefore, did not want to ask more of them. Lawless and assistant director Mary Schad decided it was best to hire a professional chemistry tutor such as Jibreel Adekiigbe.

The QRC’s goal is to strive to improve student learning by providing resources that address different learning styles and needs, according to the Le Moyne website. Quantitative reasoning, the site says is “the study of real-world data, using mathematical tools and critical thinking to
solve problems.”

By hiring Adekiigbe, it allows students looking for help a variety of resources.

“I am working to grow it very intentionally and very responsive to student needs, so when I hear that students need more support then we’re currently offering that’s when I’m trying to expand it,” Lawless said. “If students are reading this article and they’re like, well I need help in ‘X’, they should come and talk to me, because if it's something that I can help with I’m going to find a way to.”

Also, students can follow the QRC on Twitter and Instagram to keep up-to-date on personnel changes and scheduling changes that they may have.

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Professional Chemistry Tutor