Virtual Club Fair

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Le Moyne College has begun a Virtual Club Fair in hopes to gain better student engagement with the incoming freshmen class.

The club fair is an event that takes place specifically in the Le Moyne College freshmen Facebook group during a week towards the end of July. It involves splitting the 87 clubs into different groups based on their type: Academic and Professional, Multicultural and Leadership, Service and Social Action, Entertainment and Literature, and Co-Curricular Clubs. Each of the clubs gets its own post in the group with information regarding the club. If the students decide to join a club, they simply added their interests to an attached Google Doc which allows Club Administrators to email them.

The Virtual Club Fair was started last year by alumna Amanda Trombly ’17. With the help of Martino Laterza ‘19, the 2nd term Vice President for Club Development, It was later taken charge by alumna Francine Yanchik ‘18, who was a Graduate Intern for the Student Success Center and administered the online fair for the Class of 2022 last summer.

Not only does the Virtual Club Fair relieve the stress of social anxiety for some incoming freshmen, but it also gives access to those who couldn’t make it to the traditional Club Fair. Kyla Deforest ‘22 said, “it was beneficial because I actually wasn’t around for the Club Fair on campus, so I still got to know about different things that I may not have seen otherwise.” According to Martino, schedule conflicts are one of the biggest factors for students not making it to the traditional Club Fair on campus, as well as social anxiety. “It is also good for people who have anxiety issues with crowds or claustrophobia,” said Martino.

“On average, I had 30 students interacting per day with the posts made by myself or current club presidents. In the Facebook group, there were around 450 members of the class of 2022,” said Francine. The goal of getting these interactions with the club postings was to encourage the incoming class to become more involved with the clubs on campus while diminishing many missed opportunities that would have come from being absent during the Club Fair on campus.

Laterza said that he has received no negative feedback regarding the Virtual Club Fair, only positive reactions. Although he is graduating this year, he hopes to keep the online fair moving forward with more support from the Student Government Association. Future plans for the event have not yet been made.

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