SU Theta Tau Incident Sparks a Proactive Response from Le Moyne College

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The incident last spring at the Theta Tau fraternity at Syracuse University involved one student from Le Moyne College. With the student’s participation in the controversial professional fraternity video, Le Moyne College launched an investigation.

According to Mike Godleski, the Le Moyne Dean of Student Affairs, “There was a listening session that occurred and from that, there was feedback that was taken into consideration as we continued to address that particular situation.” Godleski continued, “It is not uncommon to have a message come out from the president’s office when there is a tragedy per say or when there is something that is of a social justice issue or something that is not in align with the college mission statement. What I’ve seen over the years is something coming out of the President’s Office, in particular, emphasizing and reminding us all of our mission and Jesuit tradition and the values we hold dearly at the college.”

Le Moyne issued an email outlining a number of steps to help prevent future issues. Le Moyne College will “require all new students to attend a presentation during fall 2018 arrival and complete an online co-curricular course in diversity and inclusion. Completion of the online course (patterned after Title IX and alcohol awareness) will be required to register for spring 2019 classes.”

The email continues, “Seeking input from our Jesuit network and reviewing best practices in higher education, human resources will immediately begin to update policies and procedures for bias-related incidents and release the new policies to the Le Moyne community during the fall 2018 semester.” The College will also offer inclusive leadership training for all student organizations. The message included in the email issued by President Linda Le Mura conveys just how important an inclusive environment is to Le Moyne College.

“These steps will help us continue to build a diverse and inclusive community. They represent our commitment to bring about positive change that will complement the many things already happening in the classroom, through lectures and events, and throughout the campus. We look forward to working with all of you to ensure that the values which define us never fall short.” Danny Mulvihill, President of Political Science Academy at Le Moyne College, found this email to be a step in the right direction for Le Moyne clubs and organizations.

“Every day there seems to be a news story coming to light about clear ethical violations and it’s awful to think about who you’ll hear about next. I am happy to see that Le Moyne college is taking steps to expand its efforts of training and prevention of such ethical violations and enforcing our long-held Jesuit values,” says Mulvihill.

Connor Haldane, a member of the Le Moyne Swimming and Diving team stated, “Following the Theta Tau incident, requiring all students to take Title IX diversity and inclusion courses is an extremely important concept. These courses will ensure that all students are aware of their actions and can reflect the ideals that Le Moyne College stands for by continuing to facilitate an inclusive community.”

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