Le Moyne Welcomes a New Nursing Department Chair

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Catherine Brownell recently joined Le Moyne as the new nursing chair, she joined Le Moyne as the nurse chair on August 1st.

Prior to coming to Le Moyne, Dr. Brownell worked in the nursing department at Utica college for sixteen years. Dr. Brownell went to nursing school at Crouse where she received her diploma, she went on to receive her bachelors from SUNY Poly, her masters from Syracuse University, and her Ph.D. from Binghamton.

Le Moyne’s nursing program is ranked #146 in the nation according to “Best Nursing Schools:
Master’s” category. When asked about her journey to Le Moyne, Dr. Brownell replied, “Le Moyne has been a part of my life from a family that has gone to Le Moyne, as well as attending events throughout my life, this was a great opportunity to come along and I’m pleased to be here.” Dr. Brownell first went into nursing education after she finished her master’s degree at Syracuse University and from there she moved into nursing administration.

Stephanie Becker, a Le Moyne nursing school graduate of 2018 commented on the new nurse chair, “We haven’t had a solid nurse chair for a couple of years so I guess it’s nice to have someone looking over our department who is hopefully here to stay… even though I graduated I have two classes to take so I had to meet with Brownell briefly to go over some things, she’s nice and knows what she’s doing,” Becker said that she had to take a psychology class that she wasn’t able to take her senior year, Wells made sure that she took the right psychology class and made sure she was able to enroll on time. Becker said, “She automatically knew which psychology class would be good for me that fit with the rest of my classes, it was honestly important that I was able to get in this class because this is my last semester I wasn’t able to enroll last semester but she was really on top of it.”

According to an article written on Brownell from Le Moyne college’s website, Margret Wells said “Given her experience both as an administrator and educator, Dr. Brownell is a perfect fit for this position, she is a proven leader in the field of nursing education and has demonstrated both innovation and hands-on expertise that will benefit Le Moyne nursing students,” Wells is the dean of the Purcell School of Professional Studies.

When asked about what sets Le Moyne’s nursing program apart from other nursing programs Brownell has seen, she left off on this note: “…this is a wonderful program and welcoming campus, and I think that is one of the strengths of this program, and the Jesuit mission and belief in the whole person, and making sure we’re giving back to our community absolutely sinks with nursing.”