Le Moyne College Class of 2022: Second-Largest Enrollment in College History

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Le Moyne College’s incoming class of 2022 ranks as the second-largest enrollment in the history of the school.

665 new freshmen entered Le Moyne this Fall 2018 semester, falling closely behind the record high of 678 in 2014. After welcoming a smaller class than anticipated of 545 freshmen last Fall 2017, the staff at Le Moyne made strategic plans to attract more new students.

Dr. Tim Lee, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Le Moyne College, credits this achievement to a combination of forces put into action by asking, “What can we do to put our best foot forward and show Le Moyne in the best light and get them excited about coming here versus somewhere else?”

Lee recalled Le Moyne’s respected reputation as a key factor contributing to the enrollment increase. He said that Le Moyne was able to attract strong applicants, averaging higher SAT and ACT scores, because of the positive outcomes of students getting into good graduate programs and getting good jobs. “Having a strong story to tell on those things really helped out,” said Lee.

Lee said that the college utilized social media as a way to engage prospective students. He said that CRM, a Customer Relationship Management System, was used to track and better understand students’ online behaviors so that Le Moyne could better communicate and advertise to them.

Lee said the college’s Promise NY program has contributed to the larger enrollment. He said that Promise NY is a response to the Excelsior program. It grants full-time freshmen students with $10,000 in scholarship money throughout their four years attending Le Moyne. Promise NY also provides these students with a mentor, an internship opportunity, and an interview with an alum before graduation.

According to Associate Director of Campus Life and Leadership, Ann Bersani, the increase in students did not create any issues with housing. “At the beginning of the semester, the only students who were in converted rooms were those who wanted to be,” said Bersani. “All other rooms were at normal capacity.”

The school hosted an open house on Sunday, September 16. Luke Alberts, four-year student ambassador, helped out at this event in which prospective students came to visit campus, take tours, talk with professors from different departments, and talk with students such as Alberts to have any questions answered. Alberts reported about 150 students were at this event.

Alberts accredits Le Moyne’s appeal to its academics. “I think this reflects how much we have grown as an institution,” said Alberts. “And that even though we may be a small school in size, that our programs and other opportunities we offer can rival those of big schools.”

Jade Disciullo, a freshman from the class of 2022, described her experience at Le Moyne so far as welcoming. She said that Le Moyne stood out compared to her other options. “I felt like more than just a number,” said Disciullo.