Le Moyne College and Pomeroy College of Nursing at Crouse Hospital Partner in New Three-Year Nursing Program

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An agreement has been reached between Le Moyne College and Pomeroy College of Nursing at Crouse Hospital for a three-year nursing program in early August of 2018. This new program is called “Degree in Three,” according to Le Moyne Nursing Chair Cathy Brownell.

This new program does not replace Le Moyne’s current 4-year program with St. Joseph’s College of Nursing, contrary to a potential misunderstanding this may cause. Senior Director of Admission at Le Moyne College Mary Chandler clarifies, “We still have the St. Joseph’s program. Some people think this new program replaces it, but it does not.” Brownell explains, “We already have a great Associate’s Degree program here [St. Joseph’s], so being able to partner with [Pomeroy] to finish their Bachelor’s Degree also will increase the pool of well-educated nurses.”

New legislation such as New York’s recently passed BSN in 10 law requires a Bachelor’s degree for nurses within 10 years of graduating. This increases the importance of Bachelor’s programs for nursing in the state. Brownell emphasizes the importance by saying “partnerships like these with Pomeroy are more attractive for both partners because nurses have to have a Bachelor’s Degree.”

Since this is a three-year Bachelor’s program as opposed to the traditional four, Mary Chandler says “the qualifications are a little bit higher because of the three year crunch time frame in getting your degree.” Chandler expects this to limit the enrollment in this program, as she only expects that “we are not anticipating more than 10-12 students in the first year.”

As a three-year program, these students will be going “J-Mesters, Summers, and MayMesters in order to get it done in that three-year time frame” as well as the regular college schedule according to Chandler. Chandler believes this three-year time frame will be attractive to transfer students who “may have taken a year somewhere else and will still be able to do a three-year program and not
lose time.”

Brownell was newly named Nursing Chair in August of 2018, so by the time she got there, this new agreement was set in place already. Her role now includes assisting students when needed such as degree evaluations and future course schedules. Brownell hopes to push this new program forward by “increasing freshmen enrollment, nursing enrollment, and increasing visibility and influence across the community.”

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