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Renovations Scheduled for Summer 2018

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Many renovation and construction projects will be underway on the Le Moyne campus this summer. These include the second phase of the library renovation, the replacement of a 70-year-old water main, the renovation of the Athletic Center lobby, and the repairing of the facade at the main entry doors to Grewen Hall.

“All the major renovation projects listed above will occur between May and August,” said Jed Schneider, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Planning and Management. “Some work may trickle into Sept/Oct depending on the availability of some items from the manufacturer.”

Schneider said that the additional library renovations “will greatly improve the function and appearance of the facility. It is over 35 years old and in need of modernization. This modernization not only will improve the student space, but it will also include LED lighting and upgraded mechanical controls to reduce energy consumption.”

“The water main is 70 years old,” he said, “and some portions of the main we are replacing service Grewen Hall, Reilly Hall, Science Addition, Athletic Center, Rec Center and the Steam plant. If this were to break it would affect the use of these buildings and if we lose water to the steam plant then we lose heat to the majority of the campus.”

Phase Two of renovations to the library will begin immediately after commencement in May and is scheduled to be completed before classes begin in August.

Last summer, Phase One of the library renovations included the creation of the Quantitative Resource Center, the Writing Center, and the Student Success Center.

Phase Two will focus on the rest of the first floor and part of the second floor. The circulation desk will be moved, to create more open study space at the front of the first floor and a new stairway will be built near the rear of the library.

Inga Barnello, Interim Director of the library, said she is thrilled about the new renovations.

“The new renovations are long overdue, no criticism,” she said. “This building is about 36 years old with old infrastructures. The new stairway will improve the circulation in the library. It’s easier to have this nice flow.”

Once the construction is underway, Barnello said, the construction area will be blocked off. The areas from the earlier renovations will be of use to the entire campus for Maymester and the summer, as will most of the second floor.

So far, according to Barnello, the only complaints about the completed renovations have been about “doors that couldn’t lock,” but there has been much praise for the library’s new look.

Barnello said that they are keeping a head count and gate count for the students using the facility.

“We just want to see if there was an increase or a decrease in students using the facility since the last renovations,” she said.

Thomas Brockelman, a Philosophy professor who has been a member of the library renovation committee for several years, spoke about why the renovation has been needed.

“A library is the beating heart of a college, like Le Moyne,” he said. “While, since its construction, the library has served the Le Moyne community well, for the future we need a facility that serves the way our students learn now while also underscoring continuities in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.  The renovation is an effort to shore up one of Le Moyne’s most important buildings.”

Brockelman said he sees the project as an exhilarating experience because of all the new transformations that are finally underway. The project had been in the planning stages for six or seven years.

“We all wanted to be sure that we were locating the right functions in the library and renovating in a way that would serve our students,” Brockelman said.

Schneider released information about the renovation for the Athletic Center lobby. Talk about the renovation first emerged in 2015. The plan is to complete the entire project by May 23. But, if they are faced with any complications, the latest extension for the lobby’s completion will be Aug. 23.

“The Athletic Center is the main center on campus,” Schneider said. “A lot of events are held in this location (i.e. The Graduate Commencement Space). The Center is around fifty-seven years old and has never been touched since the first day it was built. The lobby needs a new face.”

The upcoming changes include new LED lighting, an all-new glass entrance, color rendering, an energy efficient vestibule, and a study area. “There will be new furniture for the students to stay, including soft seating in the lobby and study tables with high top tables,” Schneider said.

The concession will also be improved, to better cater the many events held at the location. There will be a more efficient heating and cooling system replacing the old one, improvement of the pavements outside, new flooring on the inside, and most of all the “Hall of Fame,” allowing students and other visitors to the Athletic Center to acknowledge and remember the great athletes from Le Moyne’s past.

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Renovations Scheduled for Summer 2018