Le Moyne’s Fashion Club Honors Women

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April 25, 2018

This past Saturday was an amazing day for women from all over the world. The Fashion Club on campus honored women for being women. The theme of their show was “Expressive Couture- A Celebration of Womanhood.” The President and Co-Founder of the club Vincent Antwi expressed how this theme and show came to be. He was asked about what it took to put on such an amazing and well needed show for not just the student body at Le Moyne but for the world, and he had this to say:

“Before answering the question of why we chose to put this show on, I want to shed light on the purpose of this club. Our main and goal for this club is to empower those who are marginalized in our communities.”

Why a fashion show dedicated to women? “In the past years, people, including members of our club, having become more aware and knowledgeable of the issues regarding how women are treated and portrayed in our society, and we figured the best way to become part of the solution is to conclude on a theme geared towards women empowerment. The fashion show was dedicated to all women: whites, and especially those, who on a daily, experience twice the oppression as their counterparts.”

How did you manage to put together such an event? “This event was no doubt difficult. With most of the E-Board being underclassmen, we had to quickly figure out and develop leadership and communications skills for the sake of dealing with all diverse kinds of people in our club, and even dealing with ourselves had a lot of questions to answer in regard to how to bring the show together. Questions like how do we bring each and everyone’s artistic ideas to life? How do we get more funding? How do we properly and respectfully communicate with our club members? All these were questions and concerns we had to quickly come up with answers to.”

“As expressed earlier, this event was no doubt rewarding, and we can already envision how much better and more professional our club will be next year. Next year is going to be all about implementing the lessons we learned for the betterment of our club. At Le Moyne Fashion, we believe a club geared towards its members and community is essential for creating strong, determined, and outspoken citizens of the world. Our refusal to implement lessons learned is a disservice done to the Le Moyne Community, and the world and that is not what we plan to do.”

After experiencing the event myself, I must say it was something I will not forget in a hurry. The show was not only powerful, but it was a teachable moment for everyone in the room. There was knowledge to be gained. The statistics in the beginning about the struggles of women were truly eye opening and must be payed attention to. The show was incredible, and Le Moyne cannot wait to see what else the Fashion Club has up its sleeve.