The Human Hall of History

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April 25, 2018

Monday February 26th was a very special day for a multitude of reasons; it was the day the African Student Union will showcase their live version of African American History.

I caught up with one of the Co-Founders and Co-Presidents of this very exciting club Alice Olom
to ask her a couple of questions about this event that is The Human Hall of History. I wanted her to tell me the vision the board had for this very necessary and informative event. She stated that “the Human Hall of History is an interactive live museum in which volunteer models pose as historical figures and when a visitor comes to find out who they are, the figure comes to life and gives a brief explanation of who they are.”

When asked what the purpose of this event was she told me “Human Hall of History was an idea because the question of ‘If you could talk to anyone from the past, who would you pick?’ Well, I thought, why not give people an opportunity to make that a reality. Being able to walk into a room and seeing Malcolm X and having him come to life to talk to me about himself was fascinating, so we decided to do it one day.

I was told that Human Hall of History was planned for Black History month. Diversity and Black History month is so important to us and our history and culture. This was the best time to do something like this, although, we did toy with the idea of doing it in March for Women’s History month.

Why is it important that minorities on this campus get involved? “The involvement of minority groups on campus is important because there’s just so little of us. We complain that there is very little on campus that cater to us. But if no one that looks like us gets involved and brings up ideas, then the people who are there will continue to do things that cater to them. We can only ask for so much from others. If we want something that caters to us, we need to get in there and make it happen.”

What do you hope the Le Moyne student body learn out of this? “For this event, I hope Le Moyne pays more attention to Black History Month. People usually get excited about February because of Valentine’s day, but the month of February is a month to celebrate all the greatness that is black. Black History is American history, so it’s not just a month that minorities should celebrate but a month everyone should acknowledge and celebrate. I believe that this event is extremely important because not only does she showcase black history, it showcases black excellence and black resiliency.”