Internships and Volunteering Tips

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Internships and Volunteering Tips

Doing well academically in your undergraduate education is an essential component to getting closer to being successful in whatever your goals may be. With so many bright minds from all over the state, country, and world competing for similar objectives, whether that be going into the same graduate school or going into the same career field, you need to have more accomplishments under your belt than just good grades. So how can you enhance your resume while boosting the likelihood of getting into the grad school or career you want? Internships and volunteering! Le Moyne students are lucky to be in Syracuse, NY, where the opportunities are plentiful for these types of endeavors. No matter what major you are, there is something in the Syracuse area for you. Some tips for finding these internships and volunteer positions are …..

  1. A simple Google search!


             “Business internships in Syracuse, NY”

             “Medical internships in Syracuse, NY”

             “Internships for students in Syracuse, NY”

             “Volunteer positions open in Syracuse, NY”

You will be very surprised how much you can actually find that will both fit exactly what you are looking for and interest you in such a simple search.

  1. Have a specific place in mind that you would like to intern or volunteer for. Having specifics in mind will allow you to be able to search the company/organization’s webpage and look for positions there. Most webpages will have this information directly under a volunteer or career tab. If the webpage doesn’t display this information, give them a call and ask directly if they are accepting volunteers and interns at this time.
  2. Talk with career services! Career services specialize directly in the area of having students get involved outside of school to prepare them for their future. Set up a meeting with an advisor or look at their events/postings to see if anything stands out to you.
  3. Have a professional and ready-to-go resume that you can distribute at local businesses or send via online to show your professionalism and ability to successfully accomplish tasks for the company/organization.
  4. Attend career fairs!!! Employers are completely accessible at these to talk with you, so take advantage of the face to face contact. Even if you are not looking for a career at the moment, you are able to market yourself to these representatives who may be able to give you information or directly bring you into the company for other positions, such as volunteering and interning.
  5.  Take the small, odd internships first. Do not get in over your head trying to get an internship or volunteer position at one of the top companies when you have no experience. Start small at local businesses, take on the internships that you think you may [or may not] like that will directly lead into your career and get the experience under your belt for a summer or semester. The experience will open up more doors to larger opportunities and allow you to network yourself with all different people.


    Example: If you are a biology student and want to intern/shadow at Upstate University Hospital, but don’t have any experience, you should try a smaller or somewhat indirect approach to lead your way up to applying at Upstate. These smaller opportunities could include smaller hospitals like the VA hospital, nursing homes, or health care clinics around the city in medical, veterinary, and dental, or a pharmaceutical company.

Building your resumes and out of school experiences is essential in achieving higher education and career goals. You need to help yourself stand out and learn things that school simply can’t teach you in the classroom. Internships and volunteering help you not only network with professionals in your field, but they allow you to get a true and clearer perspective into your field so that you can determine if it is really for you or not, so start looking as early as possible. Also, don’t forget that internships and volunteering are fun. You are exposed to a whole new environment and challenges that you haven’t faced before.