Unsolved Incidents of Theft in Nelligan


Early this semester, two reports were filed regarding possible theft related incidents that took place within Neligan Hall. So far, neither case has been solved. Sgt. Jack Lawton of Le Moyne Campus Security said that camera footage taken from Nelligan Hall has provided no discernible evidence about possible suspects.
The first reported incident involved a room key that was found missing from a student’s dorm room. Sgt. Lawton stated that this was an unusual incident since it is unlikely a trespasser would enter a room just to steal a key. The key was promptly replaced, and a report was filed.
The second incident involved an individual entering a student’s room and taking anywhere from $100 to $150 in cash. No personal belongings were reported to have been taken, only the cash amount. Upon discovering the money was missing, the student reported it to the area director. This student had left their door unlocked, incidentally allowing others to have free access to their room.
While these two incidents took place in very close proximity, Sgt. Lawton says that they are most likely unrelated.
On January 31, Colleen T. O’Connor, the area director for Nelligan, sent an email to Le Moyne residents that warned students to take precautions in protecting their belongings. The email urged students to take care of their keys and to lock their rooms at all times.
“If you do not have your room key and cannot find it, CONTACT ME as soon as possible,” said O’Conner in her email. In addition, if any issues arise, students were urged to contact security immediately.
Sgt. Lawton said that too often rooms are left unlocked, providing no security against incidents like these.
O’Connor’s email also recommended that students keep an eye out for people they do not recognize in their buildings, and to take care when holding doors for others. Intruders may try to piggyback on students entering the dormitories.
According to coherent records of on-campus crime statistics that campus security has kept, in 2014, there were nine reported accounts of burglary on campus and in 2015, there were 12. In 2016, there were as many as 35 accounts of burglary. No statistics were available for the year of 2017.
According to Sgt. Lawton, there are likely many more incidents that are not reported.
LeMoyne campus security is in close contact with the Dewitt Police department and can reach out to them for help with investigations. However, for theft and burglary, if the amount stolen is below $500, an individual can decide whether or not to notify the Dewitt force.
Campus security can be reached at (315) 445-4444.