Career Palooza

On Feb. 15, the Le Moyne College athletic center basketball courts were filled with students in dress clothes. They weren’t shooting hoops in some strange game of fancy-basketball. They were networking with potential employers at this year’s career fair.
There were over 75 potential employers on site, each at a table and ready to accept resumes and help guide students into internships and full-time jobs. Employers came from both the non-profit and for-profit worlds and included such organizations as The Ronald McDonald House, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, and Syracuse Crunch Hockey Club.
Student attendance was “much better than we had anticipated,” said Leslie Streissguth, Associate Director of Career Advising and Development. She said she noticed an increase in attendance at the career fair this spring over the last one, and she has noticed a steady growth of attendance at career fairs in general at the college.
This year’s career fair was preceded by six events earlier in the week. The entire week was referred to as “Career Palooza,” and all events were open to the entire campus.
​Each event featured a different aspect of how students could be best prepared to enter the workforce. The events included: “The Thirty-Second Pitch,” “Networking Tips,” “Resume 2.0,” “Good Question, Don’t Do That,” “Love Your LinkedIn” and “Leveraging Le Moyne.” Each event was an hour long and was run by professionals in the workforce.
One piece of advice common to many of the presentations was to reach out to alumni and to network.
Michael Sgro, a Le Moyne alum and currently a business and leadership coach at Il Salotto in downtown Syracuse, led the session on LinkedIn.
“If you network all the time, you’ll never have to look for a job again,” Sgro said.
He encouraged students to reach out to individuals who are doing a job they are interested in and often the students will be able to shadow or ask questions about that job. He also advised that students “start with alumni because they are willing to help you.”
Sgro pointed out that there is an “Alumni Network” on Linkedin that students from Le Moyne can join in order to help them do this.
Fran Emmi, a recruiter at Inficon, led the workshop called “The Thirty-Second Pitch.” Like Sgro, she stressed the importance of using Linkedin in order to make connections.
“It’s like the professional Facebook,” she said.
Leah Lazarz Raven, also a Le Moyne alum who is currently Digital and Social Media Manager for Enrollment Management at Syracuse University, expressed the importance of honesty and sincerity at the “Good Question” discussion.
It is important to think about if you are a good fit for a job, she said, instead of just saying what an employer may want to hear.
​Nick Lindquist and Brian Chambrone attended the career fair hoping to find interns for their new company, “Stüuf.” Chambrone, the Chief Operations Officer, said the company is “similar to Craigslist and eBay for college students.”
According to Lindquist, the Chief Marketing Officer, the benefit to Stüuf is that it is safer for students because you must have a .edu email in order to sign up. Students who are looking to buy or sell items should check out the company website “”. The company will officially start in three weeks, Lindquist said.
Streissguth said it took three months to plan the Career Fair and “Career Palooza.”