Nancy Pelosi Takes Charge with her Dreamers Speech

On February 7, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, spoke on the floor for exactly 8 hours and 7 minutes, being the longest time in 100 years. Pelosi’s speech was primarily concerned with the the topic of
immigration and could potentially be the longest speech ever given on the floor.

With the Trump administration, the youth known as the Dreamers are being targeted. Due to the recent government shutdown, Pelosi urged her fellow Democrats to oppose the new spending bill, which would ultimately negatively affect young children who were brought into the country illegally.

In her speech, she had multiple female veteran representatives back her up, such as Zoe Lofgren of California, Nydia M. Velázquez of New York, Rosa Delauro of Connecticut and Sheila Jackson of Texas. As Pelosi wrapped up her speech, Ms. Jackson Lee said, “And let me tell you as a woman, this was a powerful statement for what I believe is again going to be the year of the women, because she took charge” (

Pelosi had been a part of the $131 billion budget deal for the Democratic priorities, aiding with public works, opioid abuse prevention, funds to help with the hurricane damage in Texas and Puerto Rico, and children’s and veterans health programs (

The main concern was standing up for the Dreamers. During the Obama administration, the children of illegal immigrants were protected by DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), who are now in danger since the Trump administration has repealed it and are making a time frame of early March to come up with a better alternative. This could potentially affect hundreds of thousands of young Americans throughout the nation.

With a speech exceeding 8 hours, Pelosi wanted to create pressure for Speaker Paul D. Ryan to create an open discussion on immigration in the House, as Senator Mitch McConnell had done in the Senate. It’s no question that Pelosi has contributed greatly to her party, raising an estimated $643.5 million since 2002 (

At 77, Pelosi still continues to be a great leader and is an important contribution to the Democratic party. Although not favored by everyone, she is continuing to fight for the Dreamers and help those who are struggling in America. She will continue to make strides in her career and attempt to eventually take the House of Representatives back under the Democrats’ wings.