98 Members and Counting Have Joined the Facebook Page “Le Moyne Class of 2022”

Almost 100 high school students newly accepted to Le Moyne for Fall 2018 have already joined the exclusive “Le Moyne College Class of 2022—Accepted Students Only” page on Facebook. This page is limited to accepted students only. Ninety-five of these students have joined in the last 30 days, according to the information on Facebook.

When Le Moyne hosted an “Accepted Students Day” on Jan. 28, social media was a big part of how the college connected with the students who attended, as well as those who couldn’t make it to campus.

On that day, Le Moyne’s Facebook page featured pictures of students who will be incoming freshmen in the fall holding signs that said #Dolphins2022 and #FuturePhin. At the event held for accepted students, those students were encouraged to join the Facebook group.

“We want to be thoughtful about encouraging engagement, instead of using social media as a megaphone,” said Michelle Tarby, Director of Interactive Content Strategy. “The welcome video we did with Iggy and Dr. Ann Ryan was new and got a lot of people sharing.”

Ryan, an English professor, said she attended the event to show a high school friend’s daughter and the daughter’s friend around campus.

A post on the Le Moyne College Facebook page said: “Post your photo with Iggy in your class group today then find Colette or stop by the Admission table for a free tee-shirt (but watch out, Dr. Ryan also jokingly said she will ‘give you an assignment!’).”

Students were also encouraged to post their photos on Twitter and Instagram with the #Dolphins2022.

According to Tarby, the Early Admitted Students Reception was advertised through, “Twitter to share news about the event and send people to the event page on the college website.”

“Forty-five people visited the event page as a result of seeing some of the tweets,” said Tarby. “On Facebook, we wanted to get our community involved by inviting them to share their advice with the new class, which yielded some great community content.”

Le Moyne uses social media to encourage admitted students to get on campus and learn about opportunities regarding academics, study abroad, and extra-curricular activities. The use of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also encourages a sense of community.

According to Patrick Finlon, Senior Marketing Enrollment Specialist at Le Moyne, the college is working on putting more of an emphasis on Instagram because many high school students use this outlet of social media. The college is also in the beginning stages of using Snapchat more extensively.

For those high school students who have applied to Le Moyne, there is currently a “Le Moyne College Class of 2022 (Official)” page and a “Le Moyne College Class of 2022-Accepted Students Only” page. Therefore, whether students have made an official decision or not to attend Le Moyne, it is easy for them to interact with others in the same position. Finlon said that making the “class of” page on Facebook private is a newer feature within the last few years, and that it has worked well.

There is a “groupme” that was created and shared on the Class of 2022 page that is not endorsed by the college but is an initiative by incoming students to connect with their peers. Le Moyne used Twitter to describe the some of the events that would be happening at the Early Admitted Student Reception.

“Join us Sunday for our Early Admitted Student Reception!” said one tweet. Featuring a Think Fast Trivia event for students, presentations for parents, opportunities to talk with faculty and current students, plus campus tours. To learn more and register: goo.gl/ha6aw.”

Although the #Dolphins2022 is already circulating around social media, Finlan said “typically March and April the decisions are made… and the hashtag starts to take off.”

If potential students are still looking for some of this advice, they can go to the Le Moyne College Facebook page and look for the post that says, “As we get ready to welcome our Future Phins to campus Sunday for our first Early Admitted Student Reception, we want to know what is the best advice you can share with the #Dolphins2022?”

Finlon said that the college does keep track of things like followers, likes and shares but these numbers are not the only judge of who is seeing the posts that are out there. The continued use of social media will be available to students as they work towards making a decision on which college to go to.
Prof. Ryan said that, despite the sense of nervousness she observed in the potential students on Accepted Students Day, “the students, the admissions people, the college President, everyone was showcasing the warmth that Le Moyne is famous for.” She said that her friend’s daughter seemed impressed by the energy level and opportunities available at Le Moyne.

Anyone can join the general “Le Moyne College” page on Facebook to keep up with current events at the college. Le Moyne also has accounts on Instagram (@lemoyne_college) and Twitter (@LeMoyne).