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More Members Gives Le Moyne Orchestra a New Name

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Just this summer, the Le Moyne College Chamber Orchestra, or LCCO, underwent a big change. The group is now known as the Le Moyne College Symphony Orchestra or LCSO.

“When I was a student back in 2007, all we had was a wind ensemble and it wasn’t until ‘08 that the orchestra started,” said Greg Giovanini, Assistant Director of Music at Le Moyne.

The Le Moyne College Chamber Orchestra was created in the fall of 2008 and has seen an increase in membership ever since. During the Orchestra’s inaugural year, few students joined.

“A chamber orchestra is relatively small, around 20-25 members” added Giovanini, “We’ve had more members than this for a while now.”

Today the Symphony Orchestra is comprised of 65 members. Concert Master Janell Burke said, “It can be confusing because nothing has really changed, we’re getting bigger every year, so we figured why not show that with a new name.”

“I felt like LCCO was the perfect acronym, but nonetheless I support the name change” said Ed Ruchalski, Director of Music. Ruchalski credits the name change to Travis Newton, who is the conductor and director of the Symphony Orchestra.

“This was something that Travis had wanted to do for a long time now” said Ruchalski, “LCSO is a tongue twister, but the orchestra has come a long way.”

Since the name change the Symphony Orchestra has been hard at work. On September 30th, the orchestra held “The Animated Orchestra,” featuring multiple songs from several animated films and video games. The event was held twice at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., with the 7 p.m. show selling out.

“The repertoire of music they’ve been playing has gotten more and more complex and resembles that of a symphony,” said Giovanini.

The orchestra turns nine this year and is slowly approaching the 10 year anniversary of its creation. With this said, the orchestra has retained the same creative nature that it has always stood for.

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More Members Gives Le Moyne Orchestra a New Name