DOLPHINS STAND WITH DREAMERS: The Benefits of DACA and What Happens Now

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Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, known as DACA, is a program that emerged during
the Obama administration that was designed to help those that came to the United States illegally as children.
DACA was designed to help and assist a generation of young undocumented immigrants. Those that qualified
under DACA are known as Dreamers. The term ‘Dreamers’ named after the DREAM Act which has been
around in Congress with bipartisan support.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recently announced that DACA is in the process of getting rescinded with
support from President Trump. The DACA program was created to help those that came to the US as an
illegal immigrant when they were a child. This program was well received and assists over 800,000
individuals with legal protection.
Eligibility requirements include arriving at the US before the age of 16, currently in school, graduated high
school or GED, and a clean criminal record and background check. Dreamers were ecstatic about the program,
as it provided legal rights to them being in the US and a passage to legal immigration and citizenship. This
provided answers to those that have been stuck in legal limbo due to a decision that their parents made trying
to provide them a safer and better future.
Many benefits of the program include work permits to provide the legal right to work in the US, as well as
providing the chance for Dreamers to pursue a college degree. Simple things such as a social security card,
driver’s license, health care benefits, and the ability to apply for a credit card are all benefits of being a DACA
With the program in the works of getting repealed, what is the greater impact of this? For starters, no one else
can apply for DACA and as for those in the program now, they cannot renew their work permits when they
expire. When that expires, they lose all legal protection and rights to be here. Many of those in the program
have no idea what is coming next and what to do for the future.
The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities are supportive of Dreamers and are currently working to
provide every effort possible to protect the Dreamers among the current student population and alumni. As
stated by President Linda M. LeMura “This action is against the idea of Catholic Social Teaching and the basic
tenets of Jesuit education.”
Le Moyne and all of the Jesuit Institutions support Dreamers and urge those that can to contact your
Congressional representative to speak to him or her to vote yes on the Dream Act of 2017. This Act was
introduced to the House and the Senate to provide a legal pathway to US citizenship to the immigrant youth,
formerly protected by DACA. There are clear answers to help those that are impacted by the DACA repeal; it's
now up to those in power to provide for those impacted.