2015 to 2016: Burglary Tripled, Liquor Law Violations Nearly Doubled


The number of reported burglaries at Le Moyne tripled last year compared to 2015,
according to the 2017 Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report. Alcohol violations
doubled, the report stated.
Sergeant Stephen Bear, from Le Moyne’s Campus Security, stated that the numbers listed in
the report fluctuate year to year.
“I don’t believe anything specific is causing these number to change from one year to
another,” Bear states. “We still have the same amount of officers and complete the same
amount of checks to residences. It seems to me that the time those burglaries happen is
when our students are away on Christmas vacation and spring break.”
Bear states that Le Moyne is increasing their ownership of off-campus student housing,
which increases the number of property checks Campus Security has to conduct. The
campus is divided into four sections with an officer responsible for each section. The
property checks consist of checking to make sure all doors and windows are locked when
residences are not in the house. They also look over windows, making sure they are not
broken or broken into.
“We try to be really diligent on doing our property checks as much as we can. We conduct
property checks roughly 8-10 times a day to each building,” Bear stated. “But there is still
such a small window that it takes to commit these burglaries.”
Le Moyne has recently been taking steps to increase the campus’s visibility at night, which
may help reduce the number of burglaries happening on campus. Making sure the
residences have working motion lights is another area of the property check that Campus
Security conducts.
“Physical Plant has been working all summer to make sure these houses and residence
have proper lighting because we are really trying to accomplish making the campus
brighter at night,” Stated Bear.
Sergeant Bear stated that Campus Security is doing as much as they can to increase
student’s safety on and around campus. In addition to new lighting on campus, Bear said
that security got new doors and cameras for outside the athletic center. They also removed
the tunnel connecting St. Mary’s and Harrison Hall to increase the visibility to the parking
Sergeant Bear reminds students to always lock your doors, no matter how short or long
you will be gone for, because it does not take long for a simple burglary to occur. He also
encourages students to speak out if you see something out of the ordinary. Campus
Security would rather have numerous calls on the same issue, rather than none at all.

In 2015, 140 Judicial Liquor Law Violations were recorded. In 2016, that number increased
to 269. Bear states the increase in class size might have something to do with the increase
of Liquor Law violations happening on campus.
“Offenses like this usually occur during the beginning of each year, in which students can
see how far they can go, and see how diligent we are, or the RA’s are,” Bear stated. “They
want to see how much they can get away with, and the more they get away with it, the
more they will continue to do so.”
The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is a document required by federal law and was
released last week on September 29th, 2017.