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$1.9 Million Grant for Upward Bound Program

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Le Moyne College Upward Bound Program received a $1.9 million grant, to be distributed over the next five years. “Other schools have dropped this program due to commitment issues and financial issues as well,” according to Kenyon Black, the Director of the Upward Bound Program.

The $1.9 million grant does not go to Le Moyne students. The money is used for the program which includes students from Corcoran, Henniger, and Nottingham high schools. The program originally was for any student that had a Syracuse address. The funding support felt that these three schools needed the program the most.

There are 92-95 students in the program as of now. The Upward Bound Program was created to challenge high school students academically and socially. The program will prepare the students from the transition from high school graduation to college enrollment.

While in the program these students will do college prep, SAT prep, and learn the process of applying to college. Also they will receive academic support with the classes they are currently in now.

“Le Moyne’s Jesuit mission plays a big role in why we still have the program here at Le Moyne,” said Black. The program is for students entering 9th grade and the program lasts until they are in 12th grade. Black explains to the students entering the program that this is not just a “summer camp,” and that they should be prepared to serve a four year commitment.

“I believe a lot of the credit for the five year extension should go to the students in this program,” said Natalie Kaufman, a tutor counselor for the program. “I think the kids have proved that this program works. They give up their summers and Saturday mornings to go to school and it shows to work.”

“It’s a great opportunity for underprivileged kids,” Alice Olom, another tutor counselor for the program. “Especially because it opened my eyes on how low the standard is for the Syracuse City School Districts.”

Black said that the program is more than just academics. This past summer the program took a bus to New York City, and saw the Lion King on Broadway. Mr. Black says, “That is something they can remember for the rest of their life.”

According to Le Moyne College website, over the past 52 years, Upward Bound has served more than 2 million students. As mandated by Congress, two-thirds of Upward Bound students served must come from families with incomes at or below 150% of the federal poverty level and in which neither parent graduated from college. Le Moyne is one of the five remaining schools from the pilot program that began in 1965.

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$1.9 Million Grant for Upward Bound Program