Le Moyne College Completes Phase 1 of Library Reconstruction


Le Moyne College has a new resource in the Noreen Reale Falcone Library this semester. Completion of
Phase 1 renovation has benefited the college with a new Quantitative Reasoning Center or QRC at the
cost of $1.2 million dollars.
Fouad Dietz, Assistant Director of Planning and Construction for Le Moyne College, is very excited about
the new renovations. Dietz oversees the planning, design and construction of the new spaces. “I meet
with the consultants to make sure that all of our needs are met,” said Dietz.
Aaron Cohen Associates is overseeing and is the primary consultant in the redesign, headquartered in
Croton-on- Hudson, NY, according to their website. The total cost of the renovations will be around 7.5
million dollars according to the Le Moyne College website. Phase 1 construction was able to happen
because of a grant that was awarded to Le Moyne College from The Regional Economic Development
Council at the tune of 1.2 million dollars.
The QRC will benefit students who will need extra support in areas of mathematics and data based
Emily Hansch-Loveless who oversees the QRC, stated, “Students in computer science, statistics, calculus
and chemistry can benefit from the QRC. The QRC is open Sunday through Thursday and is non-
appointment based, these classes compliment one on one tutoring.”
The mission statement of the QRC talks about how analysis of real world problems is integral to a
liberal arts education and in the work force. The QRC will foster that learning. “There will be lots of new
technology that we are so excited to put to use” Hansch-Loveless says. Some of the new technology will
include smart boards and new desktop computers.
Student Rosa Oliveri says “I am so thankful for the new QRC center, I take statistics right now and they
break it down for me step by step. I’m excited to use the new technology they are putting in”.
Dietz says he hopes for the completed library to be similar to a “main street”.
“There will be the main street of the library with side streets of open commons, possible classrooms and
quiet study,” Dietz said. After asking for feedback, he found that what students wanted most from
renovations was an increase in individual study spaces. Dietz assures that there will be more spaces for
students that like to work in a quiet environment in Phase 2.
Phase 2 will happen similarly to Phase 1. Construction will start the day after students leave in May 2018 for break and hopefully finish before the fall semester begins.