Are You Utilizing Career Advising?


College is a stressful time where students scramble to plan the pathway for their future, perfecting their resumes and seeking out the most ideal internship. From seniors looking for a job for post-graduation, to underclassmen in search of an internship for the summer, Le Moyne’s Career Advising and Development Office is available for reaching these achievements. This office strives to help students ease this stress. Consequently, with less than 50 days left of classes this semester, career advising tends to be a popular location for students this time of year.

Located on the third floor of Reilley Hall, Career Advising and Development is staffed with professionals who are available to help all students at any time during the school day. Through this office, students are made available to assistance with resume and cover letter writing, locating internships and job opportunities, and preparing for an interview. These different aspects all culminate into planning for a successful future.

Meredith Tornabene, Director of the Career Advising and Development Office stated, “It is very stressful to think about life after Le Moyne for students. Here, we strive to make it less stressful and easier. We try to make students enjoy thinking about where they want to be in the future.”

Tornabene expressed that the staff in the Career Advising and Development Office is incredibly hard working, constantly determined to help each and every student that walks through their doors, achieve their goal. They assist in helping students to take the process step by step, instead of just looking at the big picture which can get incredibly overwhelming. Students are provided the tools to take these steps, and to do so successfully to impress future employers.

Sophomore, Michael Moore, stated “If I had one word to describe career advising, I would describe it as astounding. It was amazing for me to know how much Le Moyne College, Career Advising in particular, cared about my future.”

In fact, more than 200 of Le Moyne students were given the opportunity last year to complete internships across the country. These esteemed internships were obtained through the connections that this office provided. Students gained experience with companies such as the Bank of NY Mellon, ESPN and ABC, just to name a few.

“Go forth and set the world on fire,” states the famous quote of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The Career and Advising Office allows students to do just that. Providing many different aspects of career planning and facilitating, students leave Le Moyne’s campus, whether it be for the summer, or to begin post-college life, with the correct tools that are necessary for success.