Why “Greatness meets Goodness” at Le Moyne

Why “Greatness meets Goodness” at Le Moyne

Le Moyne latched onto the motto, “Greatness meets Goodness,” a campaign for school spirit that emphasizes and embraces the foundation of the campus community. It aims to show that success and integrity, two prominent characteristics Le Moyne strives for, are not mutually exclusive.

The campaign started to form in 2016, with Le Moyne even bringing in Brooklyn based creative agency, Baiocco and Maldari, and Le Moyne alumnus, Rob Baiocco [’85], as the creative director. It has been largely pushed across campus by Marketing and Communications, as well as Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management, Advancement, Mission and Identity, and Student Development.

“The result of this collective work is a positioning that conveys the essence of who Le Moyne is as a community,” explained Director of Communications and Public Affairs Joe Della Posta. “Encompassing academics, athletics, Jesuit spirituality, service work––essentially everything that the College offers and what we are about.”

The idea of “Greatness meets Goodness” is found in the brand’s position statement, stating, “Each day at Le Moyne College, we strive for greatness, but always through the eyes of goodness.” This stresses that the Le Moyne community must think beyond themselves to bring a larger, more positive impact.

“Since it was introduced, we have used the brand as the underlying theme for all of our marketing efforts, both on campus in places such as the profiles found in Grewen Hall, in our printed publications, and in videos and online stories that tell the Le Moyne story for prospective students and their parents, our alumni base, and others,” said Della Posta.

Le Moyne is hoping “Goodness meets Greatness” is the platform for what the college represents and the direction it will continue to go, and students are starting to take notice.

“I think having a motto like this for the college really let’s people strive for greatness and become better people,” said sophomore Kasey Foster. “It’s nice because it fills the college with great people.”